2016 LSAC Law School Forums

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an LSAC Law School Forum?

A: LSAC Law School Forums are open-house style recruitment events for prospective law students and those thinking about law school. At a forum, you have an opportunity to connect face-to-face with representatives from law schools around the country and ask questions to help you further your application process or just your law school search. Prelaw advisors and LSAC Candidate Services representatives are also available to answer your questions on-site.

Each US forum is attended by more than 150 law schools from around the country. While at a forum, you can also attend LSAC-exclusive workshops to help you become more familiar with the LSAT and the testing process from the test developers; get advice about ways to finance your legal education; meet practicing attorneys and learn their strategies for professional success; and learn more from the diversity information panel about the unique challenges that may face students from diverse backgrounds. You can also stop at the LSAC information table to view publications and products including past LSATs and other test preparation material.

Q: Where are the LSAC Law School Forums being held this year?

A: The LSAC Law School Forums are being held in the following cities in the United States and Canada this year:

Q: What if I cannot attend any of the LSAC Law School Forums in person?

A: LSAC will be hosting a live stream webcast of a forum this fall. More information will be posted soon.

Q: How much does it cost to attend an LSAC Law School Forum?

A: Registration and admission to all Law School Forums is free.

Q: How do I register for an LSAC Law School Forum?

A: Set up an LSAC.org account. Then click “Forums” in the top menu bar. Click the Register/View Forums button. Then click the Register button associated with the forum you wish to attend. Review the registration form and click Register to complete the registration process.

Q: Do I have to create an account at LSAC.org to attend a forum?

A: Yes. In addition to signing up to attend a forum, you will use your account throughout the application process to

  • register for the LSAT (Law School Admission Test),
  • receive your LSAT score early by email,
  • use LSAC’s Credential Assembly Service (CAS), and
  • apply online to law schools.

Create an LSAC.org account now.

Q: Do I have to answer every question in the registration process?

A: Items with an * are required fields. All other fields are optional, and you can simply click Submit to finish the process. Although requested, your Social Security number is not required to complete the initial LSAC account set up. However, this information is needed eventually so that LSAC can match your online account to other records and items such as transcripts, letters of recommendation, and LSAT score reports.

Q: How should I plan my day at a Law School Forum?

A: LSAC Law School Forums are open-house style; you can arrive at any time and leave at any time during the scheduled forum hours. Most attendees spend from several hours up to an entire day. This allows time to attend LSAC-exclusive workshops as well as time to meet with law school representatives. Be sure to check the workshop times in advance. A list of participating schools will also be available for each forum to help with your planning.

Video also available with audio description.

Q: How do I prepare to talk with the law school representatives?

A: Your face-to-face time with the law school representatives is the most important activity of the day. The representatives you’ll meet could be an admission dean, a faculty member, a recent graduate of the law school, or even a current student. These representatives will not speculate on your personal chances of admission, although you can ask general questions such as the qualifications and profiles of admitted students. Law school representatives can also talk to you about their programs, facilities, student body, and any other questions you may have that will help you to decide whether to apply.

Use the LSAC Official Guide to ABA-Approved Law Schools to learn more about schools that interest you, and create a set of questions you have not yet found answers for.

Q: I’m interested in pursuing an LLM degree; are there any forums I can attend?

A: LSAC will be hosting an LLM Law School Forum in New York City on Saturday, October 15. At the LLM forum, you will have the opportunity to talk personally with representatives from over 50 US law schools and attend LLM-specific workshops, such as the application process for US or foreign-trained candidates.

Q: How do I find the law schools I want to visit?

A: During registration check-in at the forum, you will be provided with a table location map of the law schools in attendance that day. Scan the map and identify the table numbers for the schools you plan to visit. This will help you keep track of your progress.

Forums can be crowded; it would help your experience if you remain flexible about the order in which you visit the law schools. If a particular table—or even aisle—looks very busy, detour to another area. The table location map will help you find your way back to visit your “don’t miss” schools.

Q: How do I make the most of my time at the forum?

A: Begin your forum experience by attending the Forum 101 workshop! In this session, law school representatives advise you about how to have a productive day at the forum. Receive insider tips on which questions are the most productive and hear ideas on mapping out your day to take advantage of workshops on admission, financial aid, and the LSAT.

Video also available with audio description.

Q: What should I wear?

A: There is no official dress code. However, since you’ll be meeting with law school representatives, you’ll want to project a confident and professional image. We recommend following a “business-casual” dress code. For example, a buttoned-down shirt and slacks or a cardigan paired with a skirt or slacks.

Q: Do I need to bring my résumé or transcript?

A: Leave those documents at home. You should, however, bring a list of questions you want to ask law school representatives that would help you further your law school search. Don’t forget to bring your personalized schedule and the list of schools you would like to meet face-to-face.

Q: I am hearing-impaired. Will I be able to attend the forum?

A: LSAC offers aides for those with visual or hearing impairments so long as you provide adequate notice. To make arrangements, call 215.968.1001.

Q: How many law schools will be represented at the forums?

A: On average, representatives from over 150 ABA-approved law schools will be in attendance at LSAC Law School Forums in US cities.

Q: How many workshops should I attend at the forums?

A: There is not a set number of workshops you need to attend. Here is a complete list of workshop descriptions. If you’re still not sure, make time to begin your forum experience by attending the Forum 101 workshop!


Aides for persons with visual or hearing impairments may be available with adequate advance notice. To make arrangements, call 215.968.1001.

Please Note: Because the Law School Forum is an educational event, individuals who register and attend with commercial or solicitation purposes will be asked to leave.