Best Practices in High-Stakes Testing: What Legal Educators Need to Know

National Conference of Bar Examiners and the Law School Admission Council

About the Conference

LSAC and NCBE invite all law school faculty, researchers, and staff to a conference focused on innovative ways to measure student success. We will discuss a range of measurement topics, including bar preparation, job and skills analyses, test development, standard setting, validity and reliability, and outcomes assessments.

Speakers include Judith Gundersen (President, NCBE), Gage Kingsbury (Psychometric Consulting), James Wollack (Professor in Quantitative Methods at University of Wisconsin), William Adams (ABA), Mark Raymond (NBME), and other experts.

The goal of this conference is to advance understanding of sound testing and assessment principles and implementation that support law schools’ educational missions.

Benefits of Attending the Conference

  • You will gain better insight into assessment principles and how to evaluate high-stakes tests.
  • Share your ideas and opinions about the Bar Exam of the future in an interactive discussion led by the NCBE Testing Task Force’s independent research consultant.
  • You will have the opportunity to let the makers of the LSAT know what additional standardized measures you would like LSAC to provide to support admissions and your educational mission.
  • You will get an inside look at changes that are on the horizon for the LSAT, including digitization and remote proctoring.

Key Takeaways and Topics

  • Core concepts in test design, including equity and fairness in testing, as well as test evaluation, scoring, and security
  • How a high-stakes admission test and a licensure test differ and standards that are required of each
  • Advice on how to build high-quality formative and summative assessments and to meet accreditation standards directed at outcomes assessment

This is important: Registration for this event is closed.