LSAC's Legal Education Program Early Adopter Agreement

Become an Early Adopter of the Legal Education Program

LSAC is creating a Law School Early Adopter Program to support undergraduate schools as they consider adoption of and participation in the LSAC Legal Education Program at their school, as well as students as they learn about the Legal Education Program.

If you’d like to become an early adopter of LSAC’s Legal Education Program, please fill out and submit the form below. By submitting this form, you agree to allow LSAC to identify you as an early adopter of LSAC’s Legal Education Program both in marketing and communication materials about the program. Thank you!

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Early Adopter Agreement

Complete the form below by October 1, 2022, to be considered an Early Adopter Law School of LSAC’s Legal Education Program. Early adopters will be included in initial marketing and communications materials about LSAC’s Legal Education Program.

Please use the full URL, beginning with http:// or https://. If you do not provide a URL, we’ll link to your law school’s homepage.
I confirm that to assist LSAC in its marketing of LSAC’s Legal Education Program, my institution agrees to allow LSAC to reference my academic institution and disclose my academic institution’s participation in LSAC’s Legal Education Program on LSAC’s website(s), including LSAC’s website: and any other website(s) owned and/or operated by LSAC (collectively, “LSAC Websites”). Except with respect to identifying my academic institution as a participant in LSAC’s Legal Education Program on LSAC Websites, neither party shall use the trademarks, trade names, service marks or other proprietary items of the other party without first obtaining the prior written consent of the other party.