Law School Admission Council Offers New Digital LSAT Prep Products

March 6, 2020
Newtown, PA

Expanded LSAT prep options support the diverse needs of law school aspirants


The Law School Admission Council, administrator of the industry-leading Law School Admission Test, today announced the launch of two new Digital LSAT preparation products that will help law school candidates improve their skills and feel more confident as they take the LSAT and begin their journey toward a career in the field of law. These new products are part of the LSAC LawHub, a new online legal education portal providing educational content and other services to help support students along their law school enrollment journey and beyond.

The two new Digital LSAT preparation products are designed to complement the wide range of existing test prep tools and services, providing even more options to meet the individual needs and learning styles of today’s students. Both digital products include self-paced and simulated test modes, a record of the student’s practice test history, and instant calculation of practice test score reports. The new products are:

  • Official LSAT Prep, which is free and included when a student registers for a free LSAC account; offers two full practice tests using the authentic Digital LSAT test environment launched in 2019.
  • Official LSAT Prep Plus, which is available as a one-year subscription for $99; offers more than 60 practice tests in the authentic Digital LSAT test environment.

Students using either product can choose to share their practice test performance with any of LSAC’s Official LSAT Content Licensees, such as commercial test preparation companies or one-on-one coaches.

“Now that the LSAT has moved to a digital format, these new digital tools will provide students the opportunity to practice in a similar test environment, develop their critical thinking skills, and identify areas for improvement,” said Erik Krajnikovich, director of product development at LSAC. “We are offering both a free version and a more robust version at a very affordable cost to help ensure that every candidate, no matter their background or income level, can prepare for success on the LSAT, as the first step toward adding their voice to the world of law.”

Students who qualify for an LSAT test fee waiver will automatically qualify for a free one-year subscription to Official LSAT Prep Plus, with more than 60 practice tests.

“LSAC is committed to helping create a legal system that mirrors the breadth and diversity of our society, and these new offerings will help advance that goal,” said Annmarie Levins, LSAC’s chief strategy officer. “Working with our member law schools, we see huge opportunities to innovate and improve every step of a student’s legal education journey — from attracting more people to consider a career in the law and at an earlier age, to helping students get the support and preparation they need in high school and college, to expanding and diversifying the law school applicant pool, to enhancing the law school experience.”

In addition to these new tools, LSAC will continue to offer other LSAT prep resources, including free Khan Academy Official LSAT Prep, which offers the equivalent of dozens of practice tests at no cost to students, and through a wide range of publishers and test prep companies that license test content. LSAC will also continue to offer select publications of preparation materials in alternative accessible formats for candidates who need them.

To learn more about LSAC’s Official LSAT Prep and Official LSAT Prep Plus, or to register for one of these new options, visit

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Law School Admission Council

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