No Political Bias in LSAT or Official LSAT Prep

August 6, 2018

You may have seen some social media posts or news articles implying that LSAC is associated with a test prep book that includes politically biased material. It is important for you to know that LSAC is not associated in any way with the Windham Press LSAT Prep Book that is mentioned in the original article. They do not license official LSAT content.

That type of question would never appear on an LSAT or on any of our preparatory materials because:

  1. The test is given internationally for admission to law schools in the US, Canada, and Australia. Questions based on current US politics would be less familiar and therefore unfair to non-US test takers.
  2. Current US politics as a topic is liable to be distracting or upsetting to US test takers. The test is designed to measure critical thinking skills. Topics that might cause a reaction one way or another could interfere with their ability to demonstrate these skills.

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