Help Spread the Word About Free LSAT Prep Tools

My position at LSAC gives me a chance to travel the country and work with groups and individuals to help increase diversity throughout the legal education pipeline.

I’ve been working on issues of diversity in the legal profession for nearly 30 years. It’s more than just a job for me it’s my passion and my life’s work. I believe a justice system that includes more people from traditionally underrepresented groups from gender and socioeconomic status to race, religion, and immigration status will help create a stronger society as a whole and help ensure that every person has access to justice.

The LSAT exam itself was created to help expand and diversify the legal profession by giving students who didn’t come from wealthy backgrounds or prestigious undergraduate colleges the opportunity to demonstrate they have the skills to succeed in law school through a standardized assessment.  

Given that, it’s important that students from all backgrounds can prepare effectively for the LSAT.

That’s why LSAC is launching two new products that I believe will help to ensure that every student has the tools and familiarity to do their best work and demonstrate their skills when they take the LSAT.

  • The first new product option is Official LSAT Prep, which is free and offers two full practice tests using the authentic Digital LSAT test environment. It includes self-paced and exam test modes, a record of the student’s practice test history, and instant practice test score feedback.
  • The second new product option is Official LSAT Prep Plus, which is available as a one-year subscription for $99. This premium product includes all the features of Official LSAT Prep, and offers more than 60 practice tests.

These new products are intended to help ensure that every candidate, no matter their background or income level, can get the help they need to succeed on the LSAT.

Recognizing that some students may not be able to afford the $99 subscription cost for Official LSAT Prep Plus, all students who qualify for an LSAT test fee waiver will automatically qualify for a free subscription to Official LSAT Prep Plus.

These new products build on the free familiarization tools we’ve provided ever since we launched the Digital LSAT in July 2019. Conor Willadson, a student who took the LSAT last fall, said she had used LSAC’s online familiarization tools to prepare. She said it helped a lot and “I felt very comfortable with the format before going in.” The free online prep materials would be her No. 1 recommendation for future test takers, she said: “It was really helpful. It looked exactly like it did on the practice test.”

In addition to these two new products, LSAC will continue to work with a number of organizations to provide a wide range of other tools and resources, including the free, high-quality personalized test preparation materials we provide through our partnership with Khan Academy.

Introduced in June 2018, our free Khan Academy Official LSAT Prep is now used by 50,000 students each month. Surveys indicate that some of the highest usage is among students of color, women, and economically disadvantaged students.

For example, more than half (52.2 percent) of African American test takers who responded to a survey after the November 2019 LSAT reported having used Khan Academy to prepare for the test.

Kat Wyrozebski told us the Khan Academy test prep resources have helped her improve her LSAT score by focusing on specific areas where she needs to improve. “The good thing about Khan Academy is that it’s dynamic — it actually builds your study material as you go,” she said. “It’s smart enough to know the areas where I’m lacking.”

Rebecca Brokenborough also had a great experience with Khan Academy. “This program is a big part of my getting a qualifying score on the LSAT to make my dreams of law school a reality!”

Even as we expand our free and low-cost prep resources, I continue to be surprised by the number of people who are not familiar with them. So if you’re a student who is planning to take the LSAT in the future, a family member of a prospective law student, or a prelaw advisor guiding students through that process, please check out our Official LSAT Prep offerings and our free Khan Academy tools for yourself, and then please help us spread the word by telling everyone you know all about them!

Kent D. Lollis

Vice President & Chief Diversity Officer, LSAC
Kent D. Lollis is vice president and chief diversity officer at the Law School Admission Council, where he leads external outreach to organizations, associations, and other stakeholders working to enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion in the legal profession. He also directs diversity, equity, and inclusion goals within the LSAC organizational structure.