Current LSAT Testing Year Volumes

LSAT Registration Volumes

Data as of November 12, 2018

Here are the registration numbers for the June 11th LSAT administration (final count), the July 23rd LSAT administration (final count), the September 8th (5th for Sabbath observers) LSAT administration (final count), and the November 17th (19th for Sabbath observers) LSAT administration (as of 11/12/2018). The previous year counts are as of the same point in time relative to the respective test date.

With the addition of test administrations and the accompanying change in testing schedule, there is no perfect method of comparing administrations on a one-to-one basis. Ultimately, the best numbers for comparison will come after all administrations for the testing year have been completed so that the entire testing year can be compared to the previous year. We have chosen a modified year-to-date method as the best way to compare registration counts by administration. For the November administration, the sum of June, July, September, and November 2018 registrations are compared to that of June, September, and December 2017.

LSAT Admin 2017 Registrations 2018 Registrations 2018 First-Time
Test Takers
June 30,333 24,909 16,706 (67%)
July   12,547 8,367 (67%)
Sept 39,590 30,572 18,237 (60%)
Nov   41,263 20,736 (50%)
Dec 45,620    
Totals 115,543 109,291 60,046 (59%)
Difference -6,252 (-5.4%)  

LSAT Taker Volumes

Final test taker counts for the June 11, July 23, and the September 8th (5th for Sabbath observers) LSAT administrations are available below.

LSAT Admin 2017 Test Takers 2018 Test Takers 2018 First-Time
Test Takers
June 27,606 22,489 15,562 (69%)
July   11,589 7,990 (69%)
Sept 37,146 28,853 17,552 (61%)
Totals 64,752 62,931 41,104 (65%)
Difference  -1,821   (-2.8%)  

Older Data

For historic LSAT administration numbers, please refer to LSAT Trends: Total LSATs Administered by Admin & Year.