Cornell Law School

Last Updated April 8, 2022
Myron Taylor Hall, Ithaca, NY 14853-4901, United States
Phone: 607.255.5141

Policies and Practices that Impact the Student Experience

Nondiscrimination Policy

This school has a nondiscrimination policy that prohibits discrimination on the basis of:

  • Sexual Orientation
  • Gender Identity
  • Gender Expression

Chosen Name

Chosen name can be used. Chosen name appears:

  • Automatically on orientation name tag/materials
  • Automatically on faculty class rosters
  • Automatically on diploma


  • Faculty and staff are allowed to include in email signatures
  • Students can indicate on law school application
  • Students can indicate on name tags during orientation
  • Students can indicate on class rosters

Resources and Opportunities

  • LGBTQ+ student organization(s)
  • Funds for LGBTQ+ student organization(s)                 
  • Peer mentoring specifically for LGBTQ+ students                 
  • LGBTQ+ legal clinic
  • Emergency funds that LGBTQ+ students can request if they are in crisis     
  • Funds for students to attend the Lavender Law Conference and Career Fair

Classroom Experience

  • Offers courses that focus exclusively on LGBTQ+
  • Offers courses that include but do not focus exclusively on LGBTQ+


  • School has a diversity, equity, and inclusion faculty committee
  • School has faculty member(s) who conduct research primarily focused on LGBTQ+ topics


This law school provides all-gender-inclusive single-occupancy restroom(s).

Local Community

  • LGBTQ+ specific events   
  • Pride events 
  • Readily identifiable LGBTQ+ friendly businesses (e.g., pride flag sticker)    

Navigating Cornell Law School

Questions about financial aid

Admissions & Financial Aid Office
Bryan Vliet

Questions about LGBTQ+ resources available on and/or off campus

Admissions Office          

Questions about usage of chosen name or pronouns

Dean of Students Office

Questions about connecting with LGBTQ+ student organization(s)

Admissions Office          

Questions about connecting with LGBTQ+ alumni

Admissions Office          

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