Forum Marketing Materials for Law Schools

LSAC Law School Forums are unique opportunities for prospective law students to engage in personal interactions and one-on-one conversations with law school representatives. Regardless of where students are in their consideration of a legal education, they can benefit from the wealth of information available at a forum.

You can help to ensure a higher forum-attendance rate by promoting and publicizing your school’s participation at the forum. Use any or all of the content below in your own marketing campaigns.

Email and Web

As you plan your email campaigns, include links to LSAC Law School Forum pages. You can embed the pages on your website or link to them in your emails. The content includes workshop schedules and other helpful planning tools for a successful day at a forum.

Social Media

Follow these LSAC social-media accounts for forum updates. Tag us when you’re posting so that we can return any mentions and help spread the word.

Video: Navigating the Application Process

Applying to law school? LSAC provides an overview of the process to help prospective law students plan for what’s ahead.

Video: There's Something For You at an LSAC Law School Forum

Attend an LSAC Law School Forum for a free opportunity to meet with representatives from 100+ law schools in a city near you. Learn about the application process and financial aid, and attend exclusive workshops run by law school admissions experts. You’ll also have an opportunity to try out the new Digital LSAT format on a Microsoft Surface Go — the tablet that’s used to administer the test.

Video: Prepare for a Law School Forum

We often get questions from prospective law students about how to prepare for an LSAC Law School Forum. Here are a few tips!

Audio Description

Audio description makes visual elements more accessible to those who cannot see them. Narration on a secondary audio track describes sets, action, facial expressions, clothing, and any other visual detail that contributes to the plot and tone of a scene.

Videos are a great way to add an interactive dimension to your communication with candidates. Consider linking to a video in emails or on social media, or add them to your website. Right click on the videos above to copy the embed code or video URL.