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Future JD Students

LGBT Survey Results: The University of Texas School of Law

Nondiscrimination Policy

The University of Texas at Austin is committed to an educational and working environment that provides equal opportunity to all members of the university community. In accordance with federal and state law, the university prohibits unlawful discrimination, including harassment, on the basis of race; color; religion; national origin; gender, including sexual harassment; age; disability; citizenship; and veteran status. Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression is also prohibited pursuant to university policy.

Inquiries Regarding the Nondiscrimination Policy

For concerns related to age, gender, and sexual harassment, contact:

Jennifer Hammat
Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs
121 Main Building
PO BOX 7699, G5000
Austin, TX 78712
Phone: 512.471.1133

For all other concerns related to the nondiscrimination policy, contact:

Jennifer Maedgen
Senior Associate Vice President
2304 Whitis Avenue Mail Stop G4600
Austin, TX 78712
Phone: 512.471.6259

LGBT Student Organization(s)

OUTLaw is the LGBT-specific student organization at Texas Law.

OUTLaw’s biggest achievement in the 2015–2016 year has been the Trans Name and Gender Marker Change Project, a pro bono clinic in which students and supervising attorneys prepared pro se petitions for low-income trans individuals to change their names and gender markers. This is UT Law’s first trans-centric pro bono clinic and it has been very successful both last fall and this spring due to the tireless efforts of OUTLaw member Bryan Zubay and his many amazing volunteers. We look forward to continuing this amazing project this coming fall. Also, at the end of the summer, OUTLaw will be sending what might be its biggest group ever to the Lavender Law conference, the LGBT Bar’s national conference hosted in Washington, DC, in 2016.

OUTLaw hosts monthly social events, from happy hours to roller derby excursions, as well as interview and application advice for new members. We also have events with local queer attorneys and the Austin LGBT Bar Association for advice on how to deal with being out in the workplace.

These current members of OUTLaw are happy to connect with any LGBT candidate who may be interested in Texas Law:

Justin Garbacz

Cristian Sanchez

Kate McLaughlin

You can always email us at to connect with our organization.

LGBT Faculty

Kevin Haynes

There are additional LGBT faculty and, as a whole, the faculty is very welcoming toward and supportive of LGBT students and the incorporation of LGBT issues in their courses. Many faculty are open to talking with prospective students. Please contact Mario Villa, Director of Student Recruitment and Financial Aid, at if you would like to be connected with such faculty.

LGBT Administrator(s)

Mario A. Villa
Director of Student Recruitment and Financial Aid

Dave E. Farnum
Deputy to the Dean

LGBT Course(s)

Although the University of Texas School of Law does not offer any LGBT-specific courses, queer issues permeate law classes, especially constitutional law classes, as the issue is front and center of both regional and national jurisprudence today. Queer students, allies, and professors openly discuss sexuality in class in an extremely professional and proud way. Being a top-tier research university, law students have the opportunity to enroll in up to 12 hours of graduate courses in disciplines such as public policy, business, educational psychology, humanities, social sciences, liberal arts, and women’s and gender studies. The LGBTQ/Sexualities Research Cluster within the Center for Women’s and Gender Studies at UT Austin provides the “Pink Book,” which highlights all courses in LGBTQ Studies that are cross-listed among a plethora of academic disciplines.

Domestic-Partner or Same-Sex Marriage Benefits

As of July 1, 2015, UT Austin benefit-eligible employees and retirees who enter into a same-sex marriage may enroll their spouse and eligible dependent children in all benefit program coverages and services currently available to opposite-sex spouses upon application and presentation of a valid marriage certificate.

Additional Information

Queer students are a proud and accepted community at the University of Texas School of Law and are very accepted in Austin as well. There is definitely a large closeted community, but this is more due to state and regional concerns outside of Austin than any school attitude. Students, both conservative and liberal, are very accepting of our openly LGBT students.

Today is an exciting time to be a gay student. Our community is small, but it grows every year, and we have a huge ally presence both in the faculty, administration, and student body. The University of Texas School of Law is a safe place to be openly gay. Anyone can access the UT Austin Gender and Sexuality Center, which provides opportunities for all members of the UT Austin community to explore, organize, and promote learning around issues of gender and sexuality.

The queer community gets stronger every year. They have lots of support both at school and from queer lawyers around Austin, who help ensure LGBT students can continue to be an openly proud and loud community.

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May 21, 2014, 13:28 PM

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