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LGBT Survey Results: University of Victoria Faculty of Law

Nondiscrimination Policy

General University Policy

The University of Victoria does not condone harassment and seeks to prevent harassment of all members of the university community. Harassment is defined as the abusive, unfair, or demeaning treatment of a person or group of persons that has the effect or purpose of unreasonable interference with a person's or group's status or performance or of creating a hostile or intimidating working or education environment when

  • such treatment abuses the power that one person holds over another or misuses authority;
  • such treatment has the effect or purpose of offending or demeaning a person or group of persons on the basis of race, color, ancestry, place of origin, nationality, religion, family or marital status, physical or mental disability, age, sex, sexual orientation, or conviction for a criminal charge; or
  • such treatment has the effect or purpose of seriously threatening or intimidating a person.

Please contact University of Victoria for further information.

Faculty of Law Policy

In all facets of our operation, the Faculty of Law is committed to actively pursuing the following objectives:

  • promoting substantive equality for GLBTTQ students, staff, and faculty;
  • providing GLBTTQ persons with the opportunity to participate fully and equally in the law school community and to remove systemic barriers to their equal participation;
  • promoting respect for GLBTTQ persons;
  • ensuring that graduates of the Faculty of Law better reflect and understand the diversity of Canadian society and the important contribution of GLBTTQ persons to Canadian life;
  • establishing and maintaining an institutional environment in the law school that values, is responsive to, and is reflective of the diversity of society, and ensuring that it is an environment in which GLBTTQ persons can flourish and succeed; and
  • working with the legal profession in Canada and British Columbia to secure these objectives in both legal education programs and in the profession and practice of law.

LGBT Student Organization(s)

The OUTLaws include students who self-identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, two-spirited, intersex, and queer, as well as students who are allies and/or are interested in GLBTTQ legal issues. The club provides a fun, comfortable, and inclusive social place for GLBTTQ law students by hosting social events and organizing a variety of educational lectures and panel discussions designed to raise awareness and promote discussion at UVic Law of queer legal issues.

For more information, contact uvic.outlaws@gmail.com.

LGBT Faculty

Gillian Calder
Associate Dean, Academic and Student Relations
Phone: 250.721.8152
Email: lawassoc@uvic.ca

Heather Raven, QC
Assistant Teaching Professor
Phone: 250.472.5247
Email: hraven@uvic.ca

LGBT Administrator(s)


LGBT Course(s)

The following courses have components directly related to LGBT issues. For complete course descriptions, please consult our website.

  • Family Law (Law 322)
  • Bioethics, Personhood, and the Law (Law 343)
  • Sexual Orientation and the Law (Law 357)
  • Race, Ethnicity, Culture, and the Law (Law 358)
  • Feminist Legal Theories (Law 369)

Domestic-Partner or Same-Sex Marriage Benefits

Same-sex partnership benefits are available to eligible faculty members, staff, and students at UVic. The specific language varies across staffing groups and benefits packages. Please contact UVic Human Resources or the UVSS Health Plan for further information.

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May 21, 2014, 13:28 PM

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