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Future JD Students

Test Centers Outside the United States, the Caribbean & Canada

There is limited center availability for each test administration. Register as early as possible to increase your chance of being assigned to your preferred center.

Please Note

  1. This list is NOT updated in real time. To view which test centers are open and available now, please create or log in to your account.
  2. The July LSAT is only being administered in the following regions: South America, Central America, and Mexico and United States, Canada, and Caribbean.
  3. These codes indicate LSAT test centers for the test administrations noted below. Do not use these codes for academic record data.
  4. Assignment to a test center not indicated on your LSAT registration or test date change request does not entitle you to a full refund or a free test center or test date change.
  5. Walk-in registration on the day of the test is not permitted at any test center for any test administration.

The LSAT is not administered at every test center on all testing dates, and some published centers may have been closed subsequent to publication of this list.

Consult your account for the most current information regarding open test centers.

Location Center Name June 2018 July 2018 Test Center Code
Argentina Buenos Aires, Instituto Cultural Argentino Norteamericano yes no 80211
Armenia Yerevan, American University of Armenia yes no 80981
Australia Adelaide, SA, LTC Testing yes no 80151
Australia Brisbane, QLD, Queensland University of Technology yes no 80311
Australia Bruce, ACT, University of Canberra yes no 82021
Australia Carlton (Melbourne), VIC, Monash University Clayton Campus yes no 81541
Australia Darwin, NT, Darwin Examination Centre yes no 80191
Australia Hobart, TAS, University of Tasmania yes no 80391
Australia Joondalup (Perth), WA, Edith Cowan University yes no 82301
Australia Melbourne, VIC, University of Melbourne yes no 80951
Australia Sydney, NSW, LTC Testing Centre yes no 81791
Austria Wien, OeAD International Testing Services no no 80941
Azerbaijan Baku, American Councils for International Education no no 80251
Brazil Brasilia, Casa Thomas Jefferson yes yes 81961
Brazil Rio de Janeiro, Instituto Brasil Estados-Unidos no no 80731
Bulgaria Sofia, Bulgarian - American Commission for Education no no 80721
Chile Santiago, Instituto Chileno Norteamericano Testing Center yes no 80771
China Beijing, Beijing Foreign Studies University yes no 81531
China Guangzhou, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies yes no 80341
China Shanghai, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics yes no 80801
Czech Republic Prague, Fulbright Commission no no 80691
Ecuador Quito, Fulbright Commission in Ecuador no no 80701
Egypt Cairo, AMIDEAST/Egypt no no 80221
Estonia Tallinn, Tallinn University of Technology no no 80861
France Paris, Eurosites Paris La Chapelle yes no 80651
Georgia Tbilisi, American Councils (ACCELS) Tbilisi yes no 80891
Germany Munich, Tagungszentrum Im Kolpinghaus Munchen-Zentral Gmbh yes no 81851
Germany Munich, Technische Universitat Munchen no no 80591
Ghana Accra, US Embassy Public Affairs Section yes no 80101
Guam Mangilao, University of Guam yes no 80081
Guatemala Guatemala City, Instituto Guatemalteco Americano yes yes 80351
Honduras Tegucigalpa, Instituto Hondureno de Cultura Interamericana no no 80851
Hong Kong Kowloon, HKEAA San Po Kong Office yes no 80411
Hungary Budapest, Fulbright Commission no no 80201
India Bangalore, Monarch Luxur Hotel yes no 80281
India Gurgaon, Planet EDU yes no 80371
India Hyderabad, Uniti Foundation yes no 80401
India Pune, Hotel Centurion no no 80671
Ireland Dublin, University College Dublin no no 80321
Israel Tel Aviv, Z.O.A. House (Test will be administered on Monday) yes no 80841
Italy Rome, Istituto Mater Dolorosa yes no 80741
Japan Tokyo, Temple University - Japan Campus yes no 80881
Jordan Amman, AMIDEAST yes no 80121
Kazakhstan Almaty, American Center for Education and Testing yes no 80131
Kenya Nairobi, Westlands Primary School no no 82281
Korea, Republic of (South) Seoul, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies yes no 82001
Latvia Riga, RTU Riga Business School no no 80751
Lebanon Beirut, AMIDEAST - Beirut yes no 80111
Lithuania Vilnius, Vilnius Educational Information Center no no 80931
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, Malaysian-American Commission on Educational Exchange (MACEE) no no 80461
Mexico Mexico City, English Goal SC no yes 81471
Micronesia, Federated States of Chuuk State, FSM Courthouse yes no 80261
Moldova, Republic of Chisinau, Educational Advising Center no no 80271
New Zealand Auckland, University of Auckland yes no 80161
New Zealand Christchurch, University of Canterbury yes no 80301
Nigeria Lagos, Educational Advising Center - Lagos yes no 81081
Northern Mariana Islands Saipan, Northern Marianas College yes no 80241
Norway Moss, American College of Norway yes no 80551
Pakistan Karachi, World Educational Services no no 80441
Peru Lima, Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano yes yes 80481
Philippines Quezon City, University of the Philippines no no 80711
Qatar Doha, Qatar Foundation no no 81031
Romania Arad, Vasile Goldis University no no 80071
Russian Federation Moscow, International University in Moscow no no 80581
Singapore Singapore, United States Education Information Center yes no 80871
South Africa Johannesburg, University of the Witwatersrand yes no 80431
Spain Pamplona (Navarra), University of Navarra yes no 80661
Taiwan Taipei, National Taipei University of Education yes no 82191
Thailand Nonthaburi, International School Bangkok yes no 80171
Turkey Ankara, Turkish American Association no no 81341
Turkey Istanbul, Robert College no no 80421
Ukraine Kyiv, American Councils for International Education: ACTR/ACCELS yes no 80451
United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Testing Center no no 80331
United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi, AMIDEAST yes no 80141
United Kingdom London, Ironmongers’ Hall (Shaftesbury Place) no no 80511
United Kingdom London, University of London Union yes no 80521
United Kingdom St. Andrews, University of St. Andrews no no 80811
Vietnam Hanoi, IIG Vietnam no no 81941

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