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Future LLM Students

Charlotte School of Law

201 South College Street, Suite 400, Charlotte, NC 28244, USA
Phone: 704.971.8500 | Website: www.charlottelaw.edu


Law school exterior—a skyscraper with many windows. Bare trees line the building. A green lawn is spread out beneath the trees.Charlotte School of Law is located in the second fastest growing city and major financial district in the United States. The law school is equipped with advanced industry resources and a state-of-the-art facility in the heart of the Uptown neighborhood and is accredited by the American Bar Association. Charlotte School of Law’s curriculum is grounded in real-world learning experiences and award-winning community service, and provides preparation for the evolving and emerging legal market realities of today.

Charlotte School of Law is proud of its diverse student population and is nationally regarded as one of the country’s most diverse law schools. The equally diverse faculty is composed of both scholars and practitioners with a wide variety of life and legal experiences that promote a culture and curriculum of professional preparedness and passion for service to underrepresented communities.

Charlotte, North Carolina, is a dynamic, rapidly growing, international city that offers a rich array of family, educational, sports and recreational, cultural, and other opportunities. The pleasant weather and close proximity to the sea and mountains provide a wonderful venue in which to study.


Diverse students attend class behind open laptops.The unique academic mission of the Charlotte School of Law is structured around three pillars that make a powerful education experience for all. These three ideals drive decision making and the academic approach for the school:

  1. Practical preparation is critical. A rigorous curriculum has been created to ensure that our students are equipped with practical skills that will allow them to thrive in a professional setting. Students are taught not only the traditions and theory of law but also how to apply this learning through critical thinking and analytical skill sets. We address what using a law degree in real life can mean to an individual both personally and professionally.
  2. Our students are our focus. Our faculty is driven by a desire to motivate and energize the student community in every aspect of the Charlotte School of Law experience. Professors are accessible mentors who take an active role in the development of students and help them to embrace their legal education and capitalize on the opportunities within the school’s and community’s network of resources. Student success is of the utmost importance to everyone at the institution, on every level.
  3. It is essential to reflect our community. The Charlotte School of Law believes strongly that tomorrow’s leaders must reflect and interact effectively with an eclectic collection of people and cultures. Consequently, our inclusive environment fosters a demanding, yet supportive, educational setting for a richly diverse community.

Faculty and Administration

The Charlotte School of Law faculty and administration have come together from various backgrounds and achievements to design a practice-ready curriculum and a supportive environment where students are inspired to learn, prepared to serve, and qualified to lead with excellence. Every member of our team is deeply committed to making sure our students have the skills to bridge each area of legal practice and are better equipped for professional life, no matter what path they choose for themselves upon graduation.

LLM Programs/Areas of Specialization

A female student raises her hand during a lecture. Other students gaze at their laptops or notepaper.Charlotte School of Law offers a Master of Laws (LLM) in American Legal Studies for foreign lawyers who have already received a primary law degree from universities in their home countries. Charlotte School of Law understands that the practice of law, like so many other aspects of our community, is becoming increasingly global. The LLM in American Legal Studies recognizes this trend and is designed to provide legal education for foreign law graduates who seek to gain a deeper understanding of US law.

Charlotte School of Law’s LLM program provides you with the unique opportunity to choose between two very distinct educational tracks. The New York Track, with course curriculum designed to support content tested on the New York Bar Exam, and the Flexible Track, a scholarly track geared for students who wish to personalize their learning about the American legal system and use that knowledge to create a publishable work. Our program of study is grounded in practice-ready learning. Not only do we have a broad array of clinics and internships, the entire academic program revolves around real-world practice so that our students can hit the ground running after graduation. We also offer scholarships to students based on their credentials and previous experience.

Contact Information

For additional information, please visit Master of Laws (LLM), or contact:

International Programs and LLM
Charlotte School of Law
201 South College Street, Suite 400
Charlotte, NC 28244

Phone: 001.704.971.8540
Email: llm@charlottelaw.edu

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