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Applicants by Major

Oct 24, 2013, 11:39 AM

Applicants by Major

Undergraduate Majors of Applicants to ABA-Approved Law Schools

  • These data summarize valid LSAT scores and undergraduate GPAs for all applicants to one or more ABA-accredited law schools for the year noted.
  • All applicants must have a valid LSAT score, GPA, and major listed to be included.
  • All applicants with a single major are counted once, but double majors are counted twice. Column sums will not sum to the published numbers of applicants.
  • All majors listed are undergraduate majors only, and graduate degrees or majors are excluded.
  • Majors with fewer than 5 applicant counts have been excluded from these tables.

For questions, please contact LSAC Social Science Research at SocialScienceResearch@LSAC.org.

Please Note

It is important to treat these data with caution. It would be a mistake to infer from them that any one major is better than another in preparing students for the LSAT or, indeed, for law school itself. It is not possible to know whether or not the students whose data are captured here would have performed equally well on the LSAT regardless of their selected major.

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