Information for Participants in the LSAC Analytical Reasoning (AR) Field Study

Thank you for considering participating in LSAC’s Analytical Reasoning (AR) Field Study. Your participation will go a long way toward helping us continue our research on assessing analytical reasoning, one of the skills which is considered a pillar in legal education and in the legal profession.

This study is part of a long-term research effort aimed at determining other, equally valid and reliable ways to assess analytical reasoning. The current AR questions used in the LSAT have been around for decades and, like all standardized test companies, we regularly look for ways to improve the LSAT® and ensure that the AR questions on the test measure analytical reasoning skills as effectively as possible. 

Participation in the study is voluntary and free of charge. Additionally, study participants will receive their choice of one free LSAC service from the following list:

Your participation will not count against annual or lifetime test limits for candidates, and your score will not be shared with any schools. Your responses will only be used by LSAC as part of its ongoing research effort.

A Fantastic Practice Opportunity

If you plan to take the LSAT in the spring, this field study offers a fantastic opportunity to get acquainted with the online, live remotely proctored format of the test. 

By participating in the study, you’ll be able to prepare and practice for a future LSAT administration under real-life test conditions. You’ll also be able to confirm that your computer and internet connection meet all the requirements for online testing, giving you more confidence on test day. Most importantly, you’ll have a chance to experience the onboarding processes associated with the LSAT, so you’ll be less anxious on test day.

As its name suggests, the field study will focus on analytical reasoning questions. The field study will contain three sections: one section will be made up of questions we currently use on the LSAT, and two sections will be made up of research questions that include alternative ways to assess analytical reasoning skills.

As an added incentive, field study participants will receive feedback on their responses to the traditional AR questions included in the study. This feedback will be shared with you before the February 2023 administration of the LSAT. You’ll receive a full record of these questions, including the questions themselves, along with the correct answer for each question and the answer you provided, giving you an opportunity to assess where you are in your preparations for the LSAT.

No changes to the actual LSAT are planned for the near future, and the new types of AR questions you see during the study will not appear on the LSAT anytime soon. Any changes to a scored section of the actual LSAT will be preceded by lengthy advance notice and free practice questions for candidates.

Accommodations will be available for this study and can be requested when you sign up to participate. These requests are separate from the ones used for the actual LSAT and will not affect the accommodations you receive for a real test administration. Additionally, unlike LSAT administrations, LSAC will not provide loaner devices or hotel reimbursements for the study.

Thank you for working with LSAC to help us make the LSAT even better.