LSAT Test Centers

We recommend you register as early as possible to increase your chance of testing at your preferred center, since there are a limited number of seats for each administration. Walk-in registration on the day of the test is not permitted.

This is important. Please note that occasionally it happens that an LSAT test center may close unexpectedly. If this should occur, we will assign you to the nearest available center. However, we are unable to provide a refund or free test center or test date change.

How to Find a Test Center Near You

For the most current information regarding open test centers, log in to your account and select the administration you’re interested in. The list of available test centers in your account is updated in real time.

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The charts linked to below are NOT updated in real time, but can be useful as references:

Test Centers in the United States, Caribbean, and Canada

Test Centers Outside the United States, Caribbean, and Canada

Test Centers for Saturday Sabbath Observers

What if there are no open test centers near me?

If it is impossible for you to travel to a published test center, and you are located over 100 miles (160 km) from an open, published center, you may request that LSAC establish a nonpublished test center.