Frequently Asked Questions about the Digital LSAT

We are launching a digital version of the LSAT. The substance of the LSAT is not changing—the structure of the test sections and the questions will be the same as the current paper-and-pencil LSAT, but the test will be administered on an easy-to-use tablet device.

The transition to the Digital LSAT will begin in July 2019. For that test, half of the test-takers will be assigned to take the test on a tablet provided by LSAC, the other half will take the traditional paper-and-pencil test.

After the July test, the LSAT will be fully digital in North America starting September 2019.

No. The structure of the test sections and test questions will not be any different than the paper-and-pencil LSAT. We just will be delivering the test in a new digital format that enhances security, accessibility, and ease-of-use.

A priority in scheduling has been to avoid making the transition in the middle of a testing and application cycle. We know that a lot of candidates in the current testing cycle will have anticipated the current paper-and-pencil test format, so we have scheduled the transition to begin with the July 15, 2019 test, after this year’s law school admission cycle is largely completed.

We will be providing a free online tool so you can familiarize yourself with all the features and functionality of the tablet test. We are also developing digital test-preparation materials for use on your own device. Current LSAT preparation materials can be used to practice effectively, including the free test preparation LSAC offers in collaboration with Khan Academy (, which is an excellent no-cost way to practice for the LSAT in a digital environment.

The online familiarization tutorial will be available by the end of this year, accessible from any device.

We are committed to ensuring that all candidates have the opportunity to do their best work on the LSAT and pursue a career in law. The Digital LSAT format is very simple and intuitive, and does not require any specific device for candidates to practice and become familiar with the features and functionality. You will be able to access the online tutorial and practice tests via any connected device, including a smart-phone or a public-access computer at a library, school, or community center.

The LSAC is committed to ensuring accessibility for test-takers with disabilities. The tablet delivery system offers flexible type sizes, a built-in screen reader, and other enhancements that will deliver an optimal testing experience for test-takers needing such accommodations. LSAC will continue to provide appropriate accommodations for candidates according to the accommodation policies detailed on

We want this transition to be a seamless and positive experience for everyone.

The tablet devices are very intuitive, and we’ll be providing free online familiarization tutorials, so we don’t think test-takers will have any problems moving to the digital version. In our field tests, candidates found the Digital LSAT easy to use.

That said, we know that change is sometimes difficult, so we wanted to provide some additional reassurance to candidates who register for our July test, to help ensure a smooth transition.

Therefore, all July 2019 test takers will have the opportunity to see their score before they decide whether they wish to cancel it. Those who decide to cancel will have the option to retake the test again free of charge in the 2019–2020 testing cycle, which extends through April 2020.

We will be providing information about the make and model of the tablet devices in the weeks ahead. But it’s important to recognize that you don’t need to use any specific device to prepare for the Digital LSAT. We will be providing a free online familiarization tool that can be used with any device. We’ll also be providing digital test preparation materials, so you can take sample tests on your own device. The free test preparation LSAC offers in collaboration with Khan Academy ( is also excellent preparation for the Digital LSAT.

Maintaining the integrity of the exam and the security of the candidates’ answers and scores is extremely important. The new digital format will enhance the security and integrity of the testing process. Our patented processes will ensure that the exam questions and the candidates’ answers are maintained in a secure fashion from end-to-end of the entire testing, scoring, and reporting process.

Registration for the July 2019 test will open in mid-December.

If you have any questions about the LSAT or the Digital LSAT, contact or 215.968.1001.