Saturday Sabbath Observers Testing Policy

This is important: The September 2019, February 2020, and April 2020 LSATs will be delivered in a paper-and-pencil format for Saturday Sabbath observers who take the test on the alternate date.

If your religious observance does not permit you to take the LSAT on a Saturdayand the month in which you plan to take the test only offers a scheduled Saturday administration, you may request to take the test on an alternative date. The alternative date will be scheduled within one week of the published test date. Note that the test that is given on this alternative date will be nondisclosed, even if a disclosed test is given on the scheduled Saturday administration.

Once you complete your registration for the LSAT, and have indicated your request to test on an alternative date, you must then send LSAC a signed letter on official stationery from your cleric confirming your affiliation with a recognized religious entity that observes its Sabbath throughout the year on Saturday. The letter may be submitted by mail or scanned/emailed to:

Test Administration
PO BOX 2000-T
Newtown PA 18940


LSAC will advise you of your alternative testing date and location after we receive this letter.

We must receive this letter by the administration’s registration deadlineOtherwise, your registration will be rescinded, your test fee will be refunded, and you will not be able to test on that date.


How do I register?

As a Saturday Sabbath observer, you may register for the LSAT and request to test on an alternative date through your account or by phone (215.968.1001) by the designated registration deadline.  When you register online, you will see an option to indicate your request to test on an alternative date. This alternative date will be scheduled within the week before or after the regularly scheduled LSAT test date.

What happens next?

Once we receive and process your Sabbath observance letter, we advise you of your alternative test date and testing location. (We will notify you through your online account.)