Testing Accommodations on the July 2019 LSAT Administration

The only exception to random assignments for the July 2019 administration is for test takers who are approved to receive certain format-related accommodations, as described below.  

For purposes of the July 2019 administration, “format-related accommodations” are defined as accommodations which result in the administration of a non-standard format of the LSAT. 

  1. Unified English Braille (UEB) version of the LSAT  
  2. Large print (e.g., 18-point font or higher) test book
  3. Screen-readable HTML test (including, where applicable, use of screen-reader software (e.g., JAWS))
  4. Alternate non-Scantron answer sheet
  5. Marking answer choices in the test book
  6. Use of line marker
  7. Use of magnification devices (e.g., magnification reading glasses, handheld video magnifier, closed-circuit television (CCTV), ZoomText)
  8. Use of adaptive writing instruments (e.g., thick or felt-tip pen/marker, pencil grips)

“Format-related accommodations” do not include, for example, extended test time, extra break time, stop-the-clock breaks, separate or private rooms, the ability to stand or pace, use of medication, or permission to bring food, drink, or comfort aids to the examination. 

For the July 2019 LSAT, test takers who were granted any “format-related accommodations,” as defined above, on their last registration for the LSAT will be automatically approved to receive the same format of the test (and the same format-related accommodations) that they were approved to receive on their last registration for the test (e.g., a paper-and-pencil test with large (18-pt.) font and no scantron answer sheet; an electronic version of the test for use with screen reader technology; Braille version of the test) and will not take the Digital LSAT. In addition, test takers who are eligible for “format-related accommodations” based on a documented history of such accommodations on certain other standardized postsecondary admission tests will be provided the same format-related accommodations on the LSAT that they previously received and will not take the Digital LSAT. Further, any other candidates who are granted “format-related accommodations” for the July 2019 LSAT will be provided such format-related accommodations on a paper-and-pencil LSAT, Braille version of the test, or through other electronic delivery of the test, as applicable.  

Test takers who are approved to receive “format-related accommodations” on the July 2019 LSAT will be notified in their approval letter of the format of the test that they will receive. Test takers who are approved to receive non-format-related accommodations will be randomly assigned to a paper-and-pencil test or the Digital LSAT on the day of the test, as described above.

This is important: Beginning with the September 2019 test administration, the Digital LSAT will be the standard test administration in North America. 

For more information regarding testing accommodations on the Digital LSAT beginning in September 2019, please review LSAC’s Policy on Accommodations for Test Takers with Disabilities.


For any questions about testing accommodations on the July 2019 administration of the LSAT, please visit LSAC’s Policy on Accommodations for Test Takers with Disabilities or contact an LSAC Accommodated Testing Customer Relations Specialist:

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