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Welcome to the Law School Admission Council (LSAC). We are committed to easing the law school admission process for law schools, prelaw advisors, and prospective law students.

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Law Schools

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Prelaw Advisors

We provide the tools to help you guide prospective law school students through the admission process. Log in or create an account with LSAC to receive the latest news and updates, registration and information on upcoming Forums, and other content designed especially for you.

Important Dates and Events

Important Dates and Events (Homepage)

Nov 4, 2013, 08:37 AM
June 2015


LSAT Administration


LSAT Administration for Europe, Middle East, and Africa


LSAT Administration for Asia, Australia, and New Zealand
July 2015


LSAC closed for Independence Day


Washington, DC, Law School Forum
August 2015


October LSAT Registration Deadline
September 2015


LSAC closed for Labor Day


Miami Law School Forum


Canada (Toronto, ON) Law School Forum
October 2015


LSAT Administration


LSAT Administration for Australia, New Zealand, and Asia


LSAT Administration for Saturday Sabbath Observers


Los Angeles Law School Forum


New York Law School Forum


LLM Law School Forum in New York City
New York Law School Forum


Houston Law School Forum


Atlanta Law School Forum


Boston Law School Forum
November 2015


Chicago Law School Forum


Bay Area, CA, Law School Forum

Consent Decree

LSAC has entered into a Consent Decree with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing and the United States regarding testing accommodations for individuals with disabilities nationwide. For further information and to read the text of the Decree, please visit


The Court recently ruled on LSAC’s appeal of certain aspects of the Best Practices Panel Report. Some of the best practices were invalidated and others were upheld. LSAC will be revising its test accommodation policies and procedures in accordance with the Court’s ruling. In the meantime, candidates should continue to consult LSAC’s website for information on applicable policies and procedures for requesting accommodations on the LSAT.

Prospective Students

Future JD Students

Create a Student Account with LSAC to register for the LSAT online, get your scores via email, assemble credentials, track your applications, and more.

Future LLM Students

LLM applicants follow a different process than other law school applicants. We provide tools and resources to help guide you.

Diversity in Law School

Candidates from diverse backgrounds and the LGBT community may have additional questions about applying to law school. We can help you find the answers.