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Future LLM Students

Touro College—Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center

225 Eastview Drive, Central Islip, NY 11722, USA
Phone: 631.761.7010 | Website: www.tourolaw.edu


A crowd of diverse graduates sit in rows, wearing their caps and gowns at the ceremony.Touro Law is at the forefront of legal education. Touro Law students have the opportunity to take advantage of the first-ever law campus in this country—a law school adjacent to and working with both a federal courthouse and a state courthouse. In addition, Touro Law students benefit from a new state-of-the-art facility and a new curriculum that blends the academic rigors of the classroom with the real-life experience of the courtroom. In a concept that is unique in America, Touro Law’s William Randolph Hearst Public Advocacy Center (PAC) houses as many as 15 independent public interest agencies at the law school where students can gain practical experience in Immigration Law, Housing Law, Employment Law, Rights of Children, Education Law, Constitutional Law, Poverty Law, Disability Law, and Not-for-Profit Law. Touro Law students can work with these agencies for academic credit, for financial compensation, or on a pro bono basis. Touro Law also provides a broad selection of externship placements in public interest organizations.

Touro Law is accredited by the American Bar Association and is a member of the Association of American Law Schools.

LLM Programs/Areas of Specialization

Touro Law offers two distinct LLM programs: a Master of Laws in US Legal Studies for foreign law graduates and a General LLM program for US law school graduates.

LLM in US Legal Studies

Touro’s LLM program for foreign law graduates is the third oldest such program in the New York City metropolitan area, after those of Columbia University School of Law and New York University School of Law. It is a 27-credit program designed to provide a grounding in United States jurisprudence, law, and procedure.

The program was the first in the country to offer a research and writing course designed exclusively for foreign lawyers as well as a course devoted specifically to the US legal system. Distinctive features to the program include:

  • Optional survey courses on basic US legal subjects: constitutional law, property, contracts, civil procedure, and torts.
  • The opportunity to “audit” one course per semester. Auditing allows a student to attend a course at no cost and to even take the final exam, but the course does not count toward the credits needed for graduation.
  • Students who excel in the LLM program may be considered for transfer to the JD program.
  • Tuition is charged on a per-credit basis.

This program gives graduates of law schools outside of the United States a significant exposure to US jurisprudence, laws, and policy. Satisfactory completion of a total of 27 credits is required. Students arriving on student visas must attend full time and will complete the program in about one to one-and-a-half academic years. Other students may attend part time, taking up to two academic years.

Three courses are required, and two of them are offered in the fall on Sundays: Introduction to the US Legal System (3 credits) and Legal Process for Foreign Lawyers (2 credits). The third required course, Professional Responsibility (2 credits), can be taken in either the day or evening, and in the evening it is offered on the same night as one of the survey courses. The five nonrequired survey courses designed just for LLM students are offered each year. They are two- or three-credit condensations of courses that are offered in the first year of the JD program. These courses cover Constitutional Law, Property, Torts, Contracts, and Civil Procedure. In the fall, two survey courses are offered on one evening; in the spring semester, two survey courses are offered on Sundays and one on a weeknight. As a result, many students attend classes on Sundays and one weeknight, completing the program in three semesters.

Students may take some or all of these survey courses as well as courses from the rich JD curriculum to satisfy their 20 credits of electives.

Graduates of the program may qualify to take the New York Bar Examination and be admitted to practice in New York.

For more information, please visit the LLM in US Legal Studies website, or contact:

Susan Thompson
Director of Enrollment
225 Eastview Drive
Central Islip, NY 11722

Phone: 631.761.7012
Fax: 631.761.7019
Email: llmflg@tourolaw.edu

General LLM

Law school exterior at night. The building is modern and angular.Students interested in this program should have a JD from a law school accredited by the American Bar Association. This program is for those with a JD or those who have already passed the bar exam and want to return to school to specialize in an area of law. The LLM is a general degree and students in the program may specialize in any area that the law center offers, including Aging and Longevity; Business and Corporate Law; Estates/Elder Law; Criminal Law; Land Use, Real Estate, and Sustainable Development; Solo and Small Practice; and Family Law, to name a few. Satisfactory completion of a total of 24 credits is required, including an intensive writing requirement.

For more information, please visit the Master of Laws website, or contact:

Charlotte Taylor
Assistant Dean for Student Services
225 Eastview Drive
Central Islip, NY 11722

Phone: 631.761.7050
Fax: 631.761.7059
Email: studentservices@tourolaw.edu

Law School Enrollment

  • Total law school enrollment: 520
  • Full time: 354
  • Part time: 166

Physical Facilities

  • 185,000-square-foot state-of-the-art building
  • 42,000-square-foot library
  • Next door to the federal and state courthouses
  • Easily accessible by car; ample free parking
  • Proximity to New York City
  • Free Touro shuttle to and from Long Island Railroad, Central Islip Station
  • Free campus-wide wireless network


Central Islip and neighboring communities offer a wide variety of affordable, convenient housing options, ranging from apartments and condominiums to single-family homes. The Office of Admissions maintains a Housing Information Network to keep students informed of local rentals and of the names of other students wishing to share an apartment. In addition, Touro Law has special arrangements with several local apartment complexes. Touro Law students receive special rent discounts.

Student Services and Organizations

The Office of Student Services addresses quality of life issues, provides academic and nonacademic counseling, coordinates disability services, supports student organizations, and serves as a source of information for our students. Among the many student organizations are the Asian and Pacific American Law Students Association, the South Asian Law Students Association, the Eastern European Law Students Association, the International Law Society, and the International Law Review.

Career Services

The Career Services Office (CSO) enhances the Law Center’s innovative, hands-on curriculum, working with students and alumni to maximize their potential, enhance their marketability and professional development, and give them the edge they need to succeed in the real world of law.

CSO services include

  • One-on-one career goal and strategy counseling
  • Résumé, cover letter, and thank you letter assistance
  • Interview preparation sessions
  • Networking skills seminars
  • Career development and practice area programs
  • Online job posting via JACOB, powered by Symplicity
  • Postgraduate judicial clerkship application assistance
  • On-campus interview programs
  • Career services library and online resources
  • Lifetime career services for alumni
  • Flexible programs and counseling schedules to accommodate the demand of evening students

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