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Future LLM Students

About the LLM Credential Assembly ServiceSM (LLM CASSM)

LLM CAS simplifies the application process for eligible graduates of universities or law schools who wish to obtain an LLM degree from a participating US, Canadian, or Australian law school. Applicants using LLM CAS request official academic documents and letters of recommendation just once for submission to LSAC.

How you use LLM CAS is determined by where you earned your first degree in law and the requirements of the law schools to which you apply.

  • If you earned your JD from a US law school, purchase only the Document Assembly Service (DAS). LSAC will include copies of your transcripts and letters of recommendation in your law school report, and you will be able to transmit electronic applications through LSAC. No transcript analysis is necessary.
  • If you earned your first degree in law from an institution outside of the United States, you may purchase the Document Assembly Service (DAS) to have your letters of recommendation, unauthenticated transcripts, English proficiency score(s), and electronic applications forwarded to participating law schools. In addition to DAS, you may need to purchase the International Transcript Authentication and Evaluation Service (ITAES), which is offered in cooperation with the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO). This includes the authentication and evaluation of transcripts/mark sheets, copies of degrees/diplomas, degree and graduation certificates, and rank statements so that US law schools better understand your academic credentials.

Please Note

You should purchase the required services at least four to six weeks before your first law school application deadline. It takes approximately two weeks to process a US transcript or letter of recommendation from the time it is received by LSAC. Transcripts from non-US institutions may take longer.

Your LLM CAS Law School Report includes

  • copies of all undergraduate, graduate, and law/professional school transcripts, as required by each school;
  • an International Credential Evaluation report (for international applicants only);
  • copies of letters of recommendation, if required; and
  • English proficiency exam scores, if applicable.

When you register, you will be provided with an LSAC account number (L number). Use this number to identify yourself on all subsequent LSAC interactions. It will also appear on all of your documents.

Available Services

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Check with individual law schools for their specific requirements.

Basic Service—Free

  • Search for law schools according to types of graduate law programs offered, or by location or school name.
  • View application requirements for each program.
  • Save a list of schools and programs that interest you.
  • Choose to provide a Candidate Referral Service (CRS) profile that schools can use to recruit you.

Document Assembly Service (DAS)—$85, good for five years, plus $30 for each law school report

  • Have transcripts sent once to LSAC for forwarding to law schools (evaluation not included).
  • Have letters of recommendation sent once to LSAC for forwarding to law schools.
  • Complete and transmit admission applications online. (NOTE: Individual law school application fees are not included in the DAS fee.)
  • Have English proficiency exam scores sent once to LSAC for forwarding to law schools.

International Transcript Authentication and Evaluation Service (ITAES) for LLM applicants educated outside the United States only$135, in addition to $85 for DAS

  • Have official institution documents sent once to LSAC for authentication, evaluation, and transmission to participating law schools.

LLM CAS authentication and evaluation is a convenient and efficient processing service for international documents used in the law school application process. Some law schools require use of LSAC’s authentication and evaluation service, while it is optional for other law schools.

LSAC, in cooperation with the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO), will authenticate and process all academic records and related documentation required by the law schools to which you are applying. This includes transcripts/mark sheets, copies of degrees/diplomas, and degree and graduation certificates. Our evaluators will carefully review your documents and create a report designed to help the US law schools better understand your credentials. Copies of all transcripts and related academic records will be included with our report to the law schools. Class rank may be included when an official statement is received on letterhead from the institution, or when it is included on the official transcript.

Credential evaluation takes approximately two to three weeks. During peak processing periods, it takes longer. There may be further delay if we need to request additional information in order to complete the review. You are urged to begin the process of ordering your academic records well in advance of your application deadlines.

To Ease Your Application Process ...

  • Make sure that all information in your LSAC file is always correct and current.
  • Be sure you use the same form of your name on all documents and communications with us.
  • Ethical conduct is expected and required in all of your interactions with LSAC and law schools. Misconduct and irregularities in the admission process can have serious consequences.

Once you set up your LSAC account, you will be able to easily go through all of the steps necessary to prepare all of your credentials, complete your applications, and check the status of your application process. We wish you great success in your pursuit of an advanced legal education.

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