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Assistance, Training, and Support for Member Law Schools

School Services

Unite Support Analysts and School Services Account Executives are here to answer your questions and help you with LSAC products and services. Please call or email using the contact information below. We’ll be sure to route your call to the right person and you’ll receive a quick response. 

Unite Support Analysts assist with technical questions related to LSAC Unite and ACES2.


Contact: or 800.575.5722. 

Lynzee Birtsch Tara Dean Paul Kumor
Ross Mason Matthew Silvius Daniel Staniewicz
Colleen Stevens Mark Tsebro

School Services Account Executives provide non-technical assistance for issues related to the Online Admission Directory, the Official Guide, listservs, and more.



Jennifer Carroll Barbara Donahue

Additional Training and Support

Legal Education Consulting

With decades of admission expertise, LSAC knows law schools inside and out. We’re deeply attuned to the data, trends, cycles, and people shaping the world of legal education. As an active part of the law school community, our work combines data expertise with interpretive insights and understanding, while our protocols ensure the security and integrity of your information. We understand your mission and will support you with a suite of customized services designed to help your school meet its institutional goals. When we meet to discuss your school’s unique priorities, we become your partner in developing the best approach to address your challenges.

Contact us at to schedule a no-cost consultative discussion on how we can work together to achieve your goals.

Legal Education Consulting is part of LSAC’s commitment to innovation and new offerings to support member law schools.

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Learning and Development

LSAC’s Learning and Development Specialists offer comprehensive training to new staff and refresher training to existing staff. 

LSAC offers a variety of options to learn about Unite at no cost:

  • Workshops*, which are offered multiple times every month and cover a wide variety of topics
  • Job aids, which provide step-by-step instructions and can be found at the Unite and ACES2 support sites.  
  • Online training*, which is available at predetermined times throughout the year and is intended for individual members of a team who may be new to Unite

    *Both workshops and online training are offered to multiple schools in the same session. 

Beginning January 2024, individualized in-person Unite training is available. A trainer will travel to your school for a cost up to $1,000 per day plus trainer travel expenses.   

ACES2 training is available online only and will cost up to $1,000 per day. 

To request any type of training for your team, please submit a training request. Once we receive your request, we will evaluate the best approach, determine if there will be a cost associated, and get back to you with the proposed approach and cost if applicable. 

Learning and Development Specialists

Malika Britton

Dierdre McKee

Lisa Mrofcza

Jessica Nabors

Lori Rogers

Nate Theunissen

LSAC Ambassadors

LSAC Ambassadors are trained experts in law school admission matters and can partner with your school to help support your recruitment efforts. Ambassadors are available to present on topics such as the LSAT and law school admission at prelaw events and pipeline programs. They also provide individual consultations and training to help schools optimize their recruitment efforts and more fully utilize LSAC reports and tools.  

Submit an LSAC Ambassador Request

Misconduct and Irregularities in the Admission Process

Because of the sensitive personal and legal nature of these inquiries, we invite you to contact the LSAC legal division directly at

RISE Alliance

Reaffirming Individuals Supporting Education (RISE) Alliance® is a national center within LSAC that supports the leadership and professional development needs of student-facing law school staff. As part of LSAC's commitment to quality, access, and equity in law and education worldwide, RISE works on many fronts to build a community of inclusion, empowerment, and support. 

You may contact RISE by email at

Areas of Responsibility

Jay Austin, Executive Director of RISE Alliance®

Gisele Joachim, Vice President for Law School Engagement
Phone: 267.751.4369

John Miller, Jr., Vice President for Legal Education Consulting
Phone: 215.420.9443