Assistance, Training, and Support for Member Law Schools

School Services

Dedicated School Account Managers are your first point of contact if you have questions or need help with LSAC products and services. 

Toll-Free: 800.575.5722

Dedicated School Account Managers

Tara Dean Paul Kumor Ross Mason
Sarah Scheiderman Matthew Silvius Daniel Staniewicz
Colleen Stevens Mercy Thomas Mark Tsebro

Frank Brown, Manager, School Success Team
Phone: 215.968.1184

Additional Training and Support

Learning and Development

LSAC’s Learning and Development Specialists offer comprehensive training to new staff and refresher training to existing staff on the ACES² and Unite platforms. In addition, Learning and Development Specialists can support your schools admissions team in creating an efficient workflow in areas such as recruitment, application processing, online file review and reporting.

To request training for your team, please submit a training request. One of our Learning and Development Specialists will contact you shortly. Thank you. 

Learning and Development Specialists:

Malika Britton
Dierdre McKee
Vicki Ozarowski
Vanessa Saunders

LSAC Ambassadors

LSAC Ambassadors are trained experts in law school admission matters and can partner with your school to help support your recruitment efforts. Ambassadors are available to present on topics such as the LSAT and law school admission at prelaw events and pipeline programs. They also provide individual consultations and training to help schools optimize their recruitment efforts and more fully utilize LSAC reports and tools.  

Submit an LSAC Ambassador Request

Enrollment Management Consulting Services

These services provide schools with enrollment modeling and forecasting, which includes projected enrollment, LSAT and GPA medians, and net tuition revenue. For a consultative discussion, contact Evan Didier at or 267.751.4367.

Misconduct and Irregularities in the Admission Process

Because of the sensitive personal and legal nature of these inquiries, we invite you to contact the LSAC legal division directly at

Schools & Institutions Leadership

Vivian G. Bowden, Senior Vice President for Schools and Institutions
hone: 215.968.1297

JoAnn Sabol, Director of School Services and Product Development
Phone: 215.968.1118

Gisele Joachim, Director of LSAC Ambassadors and Education Program Development
Phone: 267.751.4369

Evan Didier, Director of Enrollment Management
Phone: 267.751.4367

Eileen Santos, Senior Director of Schools and Institutions Operations & eLearning Programs
Phone: 215.968.1155