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Steps to Apply: LLM & Other Law Programs

The following checklist broadly illustrates the sequence of events in the application process. You may perform most of the tasks in any order you choose. You are responsible for monitoring your LSAC account to ensure that you meet all deadlines.


Create an account

Think ahead! Create an account and purchase the required services at least six weeks before your first law school application deadline.

Arrange to have your official academic records sent to LSAC

It is your responsibility to request an official copy of all required academic records to be sent to LSAC directly from each institution attended. Transcripts issued to you or sent to LSAC by you via mail or email will not be accepted or processed. Once you have listed your institutions attended, the Transcript Request Forms will be available through your account.

International transcripts/academic records must be mailed directly to LSAC from the issuing institution in a sealed school envelope with the school’s official stamp or seal across the back flap. Schools should send your official documents to

LLM Credential Assembly Service
662 Penn Street
Dept. 8511
Newtown PA 18940-8511

LSAC will accept domestic (U.S.) transcripts sent via secure electronic transfer if your school uses National Student Clearinghouse, Credential Solutions, Scrip-Safe, or Parchment. The transcripts may also be sent directly to LSAC from the issuing school by mail. Please refer to Transcripts/Academic Records for more information. 

This is important. It can take up to two weeks for us to process your domestic transcripts once we receive them. Documents from undergraduate and graduate institutions located outside the United States may take longer to process.

Request letters of recommendation

Add the recommenders to your account. They can upload their letter into your account, or they can mail it to LSAC. Remember to assign your letters to be sent to the schools that you select.

This is important. It can take up to two weeks for us to process your letters of recommendation once we receive them.

Register for an English proficiency exam (if applicable)

We accept score reports for either TOEFL or IELTS exams and, upon receipt of an official score report from the testing service, will include your scores in your Credential Assembly Service (CAS) Report. To have your TOEFL score sent, provide ETS with our institution code (8395) when you place your order for a copy of the score report to be sent. To have your IELTS score sent, contact your test center and ask that your official score report be sent to LSAC for electronic download.

Apply to law schools electronically

You can do this from your account. You may begin applying to programs at any time. You need not wait for your documents to be processed in your account or for your transcript evaluation or CAS Report to be completed before you submit applications.

This is important. You must submit your electronic applications by the law school's application deadline dates, even if your CAS Report has not been completed.

Purchase CAS Reports through your account

Purchase a report for each program to which you apply. A $30 report fee will be automatically added to your shopping cart each time you submit an electronic application. Use your account to verify that your reports were sent to each program to which you applied.

This is important. Your CAS Report will not be generated until it is complete.

Monitor your file status through your account

Remember to check your account to see that your documents have been received, view your credential evaluation report (for international applicants only), check your applications have been submitted, and verify your CAS Reports have been sent to each program to which you applied.

Tips to Ease the Application Process

  • Make sure that all information in your LSAC account’s “Profile” is correct and current. You can make changes to most of your biographical information through your LSAC account. However, updates to your name or date of birth must be submitted using LSAC’s Biographical Information Changes form (PDF).
  • Include your LSAC account number (L#) and use the same form of your name on all documents and communications with us.
  • Carefully review any correspondence we send to you.
  • Ethical conduct is expected and required in all of your interactions with LSAC and law schools. Misconduct and irregularities in the admission process can have serious consequences.
  • LSAC will release candidate-specific information only to you and to the law schools to which you have applied, and others as stated in our Privacy Policy. Information will not be released to or discussed with a parent, spouse, friend, or any other person.