Taking the LSAT in-person
LSAT Test Day

In-Person/Test Center Checklist

In-Person LSAT Checklist

If you’re taking the LSAT at a test center, here is a list of what to expect on test day and the steps you need to complete to ensure your test session runs smoothly.

  • Arrive up to 30 minutes before your scheduled time.
  • You will need a valid photo ID. For more information about acceptable IDs, visit Identification Accepted for LSAT Admission.
  • Make sure to have memorized your LawHub username/password. (These are the same credentials you used to register for the LSAT.) If you don’t know your credentials, your test start time will be delayed.
  • Lockers will be provided. All cell phones, food, and beverages will be stored in lockers while you take the test.
  • Follow check-in procedures.
  • Read and agree to the Certifying Statement.
  • Click Begin, and the time will start.
  • Follow the intermission instructions.
  • Check back in.
  • Complete your test and follow check-out procedures.


Intermission: What You Need to Know

  • Do not use any electronic devices.
  • Do not use your computer for any other purpose than the test session.
  • Do not discuss the test with anyone.
  • Do not work on your scratch paper.
  • Return and complete the check in process with center staff before the 10 minutes are over.
    • Show your ID.
    • Confirm you did not discuss the test with anyone.
    • Confirm you did not use any electronics.
  • Move into section three.