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Other Law Schools

Although they are not members of LSAC, the following law schools use LSAC services, such as the LSAT®, Credential Assembly Service (CAS), or Candidate Referral Service (CRS), in their admission processes.

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Non-ABA-Approved Law Schools

International Law Schools

Non-ABA-Approved Law Schools

There are a number of U.S. law schools that have not been approved by the American Bar Association (ABA). Some of these schools are in the process of seeking ABA approval. Before you enroll in a law school not approved by the ABA, you should research the bar-admission limitations of obtaining a degree from the school and enroll only if it is clear that the school will provide adequate legal training. Questions regarding the acceptability of a JD from such schools should be addressed to the bar-examining authority of each state or jurisdiction.

Law Schools Seeking ABA Approval

The following law schools are currently seeking accreditation with the ABA. The ABA’s approval process typically takes two to four years. Prospective students should keep in mind that there is no guarantee these schools will become ABA-approved in the future.

Law Schools Not Seeking ABA Approval

International Law Schools