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We Know Law Schools Inside and Out

Our team has an unparalleled understanding of the data, trends, and cycles that shape legal education. We are deeply embedded in the law school community, constantly gathering interpretive insights, and using cutting-edge data analytics to stay ahead of the curve. You can trust us to protect your information with our security protocols and unwavering commitment to integrity.

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Collaborative Discovery Focused on Your Objectives

When we meet to discuss your school’s unique goals and challenges, we become your partner in developing the best approach to address your priorities and help you reach your goals.

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Not a “One Size Fits All” Solution

Knowing that no two law schools are the same, we provide customized solutions to meet your distinct goals and needs.

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How We Work With You

LSAC Legal Education Consulting Process/Cycle Diagram: Discovery > Data Gathering and Analysis > Client Communications > Reporting and Recommendations

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Predictive Enrollment Modeling and Assessment

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Increase your confidence in your school’s ability to predict enrollment, including class size, LSAT and GPA medians, and net tuition revenue, more accurately. We provide solutions that align with the goals of your leadership team.

Key benefits:

  • Written analysis of past enrollment and scholarship data supplemented with corresponding charts and graphs (related spreadsheets are also available)
  • Customized models and scholarship grids (printed and electronic) with recommended awards by highest LSAT score and undergraduate GPA
  • Ability to select criteria such as part-time, hybrid, in-state, and more

Department Leadership and Strategy Review

Strategy icon

Get a fresh perspective on department procedures, staffing, and policies to understand the skills a leader should possess. We will meet with you to learn more about your current practices and operations, and we can assist in the hiring process for key administrative staff if needed.

Together with you and your team, we will analyze the operation and performance of areas such as admissions, career services, academic success, and student affairs. We will understand the challenges, identify opportunities, and apply industry best practices to recommend practical steps to enhance and elevate the work and processes of these areas.

Key benefits:

  • A written report offering a detailed analysis of job roles and responsibilities, including areas for improvement and recommendations for revisions and restructuring
  • A detailed written analysis of departmental strengths and areas of opportunity, with comprehensive, specific recommendations for process and staffing enhancements
  • Analysis of enrollment management data, including tables and charts (provided as appropriate)
  • Extended or ongoing support and guidance are available
  • A fresh perspective on department procedures


Staffing Support Services

Staffing Support Services icon

Fill the gaps in your current staffing with experienced help from LSAC. When you run into staffing challenges and are already working to fill them, we can fill the gap until you get the team in place. Available for a variety of roles, we can take on administrative tasks such as application processing or database management. And if you need help with strategic work, we can step in to help with professional support for class management or goal setting. In times of crisis, we're here to help, providing the staffing support you need to keep your admission office running smoothly.

Key benefits:

  • Define the staffing support needed for your school with a contract allocating specific hours to your needs.
  • Provide a range of work scope available, from administrative assistance to temporary leadership in the admission department.
  • Choose between virtual support or on-site assistance, depending on your preferences and requirements.
  • Stay informed about the progress and status with detailed reports provided on an ongoing basis.
  • Ensure the smooth operation of your department, including conducting meetings with staff and providing coaching when necessary.

Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services icon

Boost your recruitment efforts by reaching your target audience with precision. Our proven media tactics make a high impact across channels where your audience is actively engaged. We'll collaborate with you to create a cost-efficient media plan that leverages LSAC's database targeting and digital media expertise to connect with individuals who have shown an interest in legal education. We’ll help you convert interested prospects into qualified applicants and achieve your recruitment goals.

Key benefits:

  • Access to a highly qualified audience of LSAC account holders and site visitors
  • A documented media strategy showing the best media mix based on your goals
  • A comprehensive media plan that includes audience-specific targeting plus creative asset needs and specifications, including easy-to-use copy sheets
  • Scheduled check-ins to review campaign progress and suggest refinements as needed

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Custom Report Creation and Evaluation

Custom Report Creation and Evaluation icon

Make better-informed decisions with customized reports and dashboards that condense your vast enrollment information into powerful data analyses and visualizations. The value of your enrollment data multiplies when analyzed in the context of trend comparisons using aggregated regional and national data.

Key benefits:

  • You will receive a customized group of dynamic or static reports in a variety of useful formats, including CSV, XLS, XLSX, and PDF, with filters for ad hoc analysis.
  • Schools that select a reports subscription model will also receive an annual review of their reports, enabling you to adjust from year to year.
  • When you need more than reports, we can collaborate with you to transform your data into compelling stories and actionable insights.

NextGen Bar Exam Readiness Assessment

NextGen Bar Exam Readiness Assessment icon

Prepare your students for the NextGen Bar Exam with a clear understanding of the exam's requirements and actionable guidance on how to tailor your curriculum appropriately. As the exam shifts toward a writing and skills-based assessment, conventional methods of preparing students will no longer suffice. We will help you develop the curricula and programming necessary to support your students in meeting the new licensing standards. Specifically, we can assist in infusing your curriculum with practical skills training that tracks the competencies tested on NextGen and required for the effective practice of law. With our service, your law school will be well prepared to help students navigate the new bar exam and achieve success.

Key benefits:

  • Evaluation of your existing curriculum with an emphasis on NextGen competencies
  • Guidance on appropriate assessment tools to measure NextGen readiness
  • A roadmap for defining appropriate curricula and educational innovation

Academic Program Evaluation

Academic Program Evaluation icon

Maximize the rigor of your academic program with our expert guidance using an academic evaluation process uniquely tailored to your needs and goals. Working collaboratively with your school, we’ll review the effectiveness of your academic program (or a subset of it), using data as the underpinning of the review. This holistic evaluation will identify ways to improve the quality of your academic program; provide feedback to faculty and administrators; and ensure that programs, policies, and curricula are producing desired outcomes.

Key benefits:

  • Collaboration with law schools to design and implement an evaluation plan
  • Comprehensive data collection to support your program evaluation
  • A written report with evaluation rubric and actionable insights

Career Services

Career Services icon

Elevate the operation and performance of your career services center to better prepare your students for job market success and strengthen employment outcomes.

With a focus on the unique needs of your student body and a deep knowledge of the local and national legal employment market, we collaborate with you to create custom solutions to meet and solve challenges. We’ll review your career services program, analyze and benchmark employment outcomes, and build a roadmap to help your school attain goals and outcomes. Experienced LEC staff can temporarily fill key leadership and staff positions, providing support and stability.

Key benefits:

  • Comprehensive career services program review to understand alignment with industry best practices and peer schools. Can also include staffing and operations review of career-related functions. 
  • Comparative, strategic employment outcomes review and analysis with guidance on ABA compliance and employment data collection practices and policies. 
  • Strategic advising to improve student employment outcomes
  • Interim leadership and staffing as well as training for career services team and leaders

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consulting

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consulting icon

Implement best practices across curricula, student life, and campus culture and support the success of all students with our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consulting. These essential training and coaching options empower faculty, staff, and students to spot and overcome subconscious bias while promoting a welcoming and inclusive environment for all students. By embracing diversity and inclusion, your law school will attract and retain top students and cultivate a more modernized campus climate. Our consulting service will educate your faculty, improve interactions with diverse viewpoints, and help your school align with its mission to diversify the legal profession.

Key benefits:

  • A comprehensive 360-degree training approach ensures the integration of best practices throughout your entire law school.
  • We'll provide a thorough review and recommendations for your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion policies.
  • Training programs are carefully customized to meet the specific needs of your school, ensuring optimal results.
  • Flexible coaching and training options are available, allowing you to choose in-person sessions or remote sessions based on your preferences.

Strategy Consulting

Strategy Consulting icon

Work with us to build a customized strategy to achieve your institutional goals. Our comprehensive approach begins with a discovery discussion about the specific challenges your institution is facing. Topics covered can include enrollment management, training, bar passage, strategic planning, accreditation, and much more.

Key benefits:

  • A written report of your law school’s strengths and opportunities, including detailed analysis, identified areas for improvement and efficiencies, and recommendations
  • Analysis of data, including tables and charts (provided as appropriate)
  • A presentation and facilitated discussion with your school’s leadership to review our findings, recommendations, and next steps for success
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We’re Ready to Work With You

Legal Education Consulting is part of LSAC’s commitment to innovation and new offerings to support law schools. Law school staff are invited to contact LEC@LSAC.org to schedule a no-cost consultative discussion on how we can work together to achieve institutional goals.

John D. Miller Jr.

John D. Miller Jr.
Vice President for Legal Education Consulting
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