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At LSAC, we believe everyone should have the support they need to succeed on their journey to law school and beyond. Tens of thousands of prospective applicants already rely on LawHub to prepare for the LSAT, and now we’re adding even more resources to support your academic and professional goals.

LawHub, Institute for the Future of Law Practice and Law School Transparency logosLaw School Transparency (LST) opens in new window is bringing its innovative tools to LawHub to empower prospective applicants to make informed choices regarding their legal education future, including where to apply and attend law school.

In addition, the Institute for the Future of Law Practice (IFLP) and its award-winning Modern Law Practice Program will offer LawHub users an evidence-based, professional development curriculum designed to complement traditional law school learning with the business and client-driven skills required to succeed in today’s complex legal practice.

These new offerings and more will be added to LawHub in the coming months as we grow into the dedicated destination for information and resources to support your entire prelaw through practice journey.

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