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At LSAC, we believe everyone should have the support they need to succeed on their path to law school and beyond. Tens of thousands of prospective applicants rely on LawHub to prepare for the LSAT, and now we are adding even more resources to guide your journey from prelaw through practice. From test preparation, to getting ready for the first day of class in law school, to starting your career in law, LawHub is the learning destination to help you achieve your academic and professional goals.

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Prospective Law Students

Practice with official LSAT content using the authentic test interface, giving you the confidence to succeed on test day. Resources like Admission Unmasked On-Demand, the LST Law School Wizard opens in new window, the Prelaw Success Live Events, and the I Am The Law podcast opens in new window help you navigate your law school application process and explore a future career in law.

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Law Students
(0L to 3L)

Engaging, interactive courses and mock classes give you confidence for the next phase of your legal education journey. Before your 1L year, Legal Analysis Boot Camp, Law School Jumpstart, What You Really Need to Know, and the free Law School Unmasked, help you understand the expectations of law school, learn to balance school and personal life, and build a sense of belonging. And in Becoming an Expert Learner, designed for your second semester, you’ll assess your first-semester performance and learn how to achieve peak performance moving forward.

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Legal Professionals
(In law school and beyond)

Learn the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to operate as a legal professional in the modern business environment with our Modern Law Practice Certification. This program is proven to improve your employability and effectiveness as a lawyer.

The most important thing that I gained was my sense of identity, that I belong here… [It] made me feel more confident that I do belong in law school and the legal profession.

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Participant, Law School Unmasked

What’s New at LawHub

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This Month: LawHub Prelaw Success Live Events

Join us for a series of live, online events designed to give you the answers and confidence you need as you begin your journey to law school.

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I Am The Law Podcast

I Am The Law takes a deep dive into the various practice areas and settings of law. We interview law school graduates with thought-provoking questions for an insider look into the realities of a career in law, recipes for success, and the biggest challenges lawyers face today.

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Frequently Asked Questions About LawHub

What do I get with an LSAT Prep Plus subscription?

LSAT Prep Plus® offers you one-year unlimited access to: 

  • 75+ full Official LSAT PrepTests, so you can: 
    • Practice with the authentic test interface in self-paced or simulated exam modes. 
    • Assess strengths and improve performance with instant scoring feedback. 
    • Work with any Official LSAT Content Licensees.  
  • Ultimate Law School Prep, which prepares you for success in your 1L year and beyond:
  • Use your account to conveniently and securely track the status of your law school applications
  • Gain a competitive edge in your employment search and be “practice ready” with the Modern Law Practice Certification

What is the Application Status Tracker?

The Application Status Tracker is a new feature in LawHub™ that offers a convenient and secure way for you to see your law school applications in one easy-to-use dashboard. The application statuses displayed will refresh based on updates from the law schools. The new feature is available exclusively to LSAT Prep Plus subscribers.

What information will I see in the Application Status Tracker? 

You will see the statuses of your applications, when the status is reported by the law schools to which you applied, as well as the date each status was last updated by the law school. You will also be able to click “View Details” to be directed to the law school’s website. The most recently updated law school will be listed at the top of the page. If there are any questions about a specific status that is displayed, we encourage you to check the law school’s website for more details. 

What does the status I see listed on the Application Status Tracker mean? 

The status displayed on the tracker dashboard is determined by each law school. We recommend checking the school’s website to see if more information may be available regarding the application statuses that the school provides.

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