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Law school is very different from undergraduate studies, and if you’re like many incoming 1L students, you might be feeling intimidated by the upcoming transition. LawHub’s Ultimate Law School Prep — an enhancement of our previous academic success offerings, based on student feedback — builds your confidence for this next phase of your legal education journey. Through engaging, interactive courses, you’ll understand the academic expectations of law school while gaining the skills and abilities you need to balance school and personal life, build a sense of belonging, and perform your best in and out of the classroom. Ultimate Law School Prep even includes a free introductory course, Law School Unmasked.

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opening quoteFiguring out how things work as a first-generation student constantly seems like an uphill battle. This program helped to answer a lot of questions that would have made me feel lost for the first year of law school.closing quote

– Program Participant

(Free Introductory Course)

Law School Unmasked

From a look at 1L classes and an overview of the U.S. judicial system, to building a personal community and creating a balanced school-life routine, to learning law school vocabulary and how to read and brief cases, this free course uses short, interactive modules to help you know what to expect from law school and how to smoothly transition into your 1L year.

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  • Welcome to Law School Unmasked!
  • Law School 101
  • What Is Belonging and Why Does It Matter?
  • Student Voices
  • Navigating Law School with a Disability
  • Time Management Techniques
  • Law School Vocabulary
  • An Introduction to the Judicial System
  • Active Reading
  • Basics of Case Briefing


Law School Jumpstart

Are terms such as “hypo” and “Socratic dialogue” giving you anxiety about law school? In this course, we’ll alleviate that anxiety via an insider’s look at a typical law school curriculum. Through mock classes and guided case-briefing exercises, along with instruction on time management, exam prep, effective note-taking and more, you’ll understand the culture and methodology of a law school classroom and how to participate confidently in class discussions.

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Mock Class 1

  • An Introduction to Tort Law
  • Case Briefing Exercise Part 1
  • Case Briefing Exercise Part 2
  • Mock Class
  • Mock Class Debrief
  • Socratic Dialogue and Growth Mindset
  • Note-Taking for Law School

Mock Class 2

  • Case Briefing Exercise
  • Mock Class
  • Mock Class Debrief
  • Legal Analysis and IRAC
  • Rule Synthesis and Outlining
  • What Is “Analysis”?
  • What Is a “Hypo”?

Mock Class 3

  • Case Briefing Exercise
  • Mock Class
  • Mock Class Debrief
  • Rule Synthesis and Outlining
  • Battery Hypo 1

Mock Class 4

  • Mock Class
  • Mock Class Debrief
  • Preparing for Exams
  • Study Guides and Practice Questions
  • Memorization Tips and Techniques
  • Managing Stress
  • Battery Hypo 2

Mock Final Exam

  • The Final Exam
  • Comparing Your Exam to a Sample Answer

Going Forward


Legal Analysis Boot Camp

Lawyers are problem-solvers, so much of what you’ll learn in law school emphasizes solving problems like a lawyer. In this course, you’ll be guided step by step through solving a series of legal problems, so you can begin to establish crucial legal analysis skills before your first day of law school. You’ll gain confidence in your legal analysis abilities, become familiar with the format of 1L law school exams, and be prepared to perform at your best.

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  • Welcome to Legal Analysis Boot Camp!
  • Hear from the Students
  • Introduction and Learning Outcomes
  • What Is a Rule of Law?
  • An Introduction to Deductive Reasoning (IRAC)
  • The Components of a Judicial Opinion
  • Extracting the Rule of Law – Part 1
  • Extracting the Rule of Law – Part 2
  • Synthesizing a Rule of Law
  • Dissecting a Fact Pattern
  • Using IRAC to Generate Your Exam Answer
  • Practice Exam
  • Reviewing Your Exam with a Sample Answer
  • Legal Analysis Boot Camp Wrap-Up


What You Really Need to Know

It’s often said that your first semester of law school is like “drinking from a fire hose.” You’re there to learn the “black letter” law, but you’re also there to raise your learning game. In this course, you will receive more in-depth instruction on key academic skills such as reading and briefing cases, participating in class, taking notes, outlining, and preparing for exam success.

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  • Welcome to What You Really Need to Know!
  • The Judicial System and Sources of Law
  • Belonging in Law School
  • Advanced Case Briefing
  • Becoming an Expert Learner
  • Advanced Note Taking
  • How to Take Notes Like a Pro!
  • Outlining: Putting It All Together
  • Practicing to Learn: Using Multiple Choice
  • Exam Preparation
  • Issue-Spotting for Exams
  • The “A” in IRAC
  • Receiving Feedback 


Becoming an Expert Learner

Designed to be taken during your second semester of law school, this course will help you assess your academic performance from your first semester and provide you with a roadmap for how to achieve peak performance. It also offers helpful resources on managing stress while in law school, performing your best on oral arguments, and effectively memorizing and applying rules of law for future exams.

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Video Module icon
  • You Got Your Grades, Now What?
  • Assessing Exams and Practice Questions
  • Nerding Out on Rules: A Guide to Learning and Using Legal Rules
  • Memorization vs. Understanding
  • The Science of Memorization: Spaced Repetition
  • Finding Balance: Incorporating Self-Care in Your Law School Schedule
  • The Importance of Mental Health in Law
  • Oral Advocacy Tips
  • Networking and Interviewing: Best Practices for Aspiring Lawyers
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