LSAC Grant Programs

LSAC Outreach Grants

Up to $10,000
Contact: Gisele Joachim,

LSAC's Board of Trustees has made available funds to support cooperative outreach and applicant-pool expansion events. These grants are designed to encourage law schools to work together to promote legal education. At least three LSAC-member schools must work together on each event. Examples of eligible events include law fairs, conferences, workshops, or other events that are a combination of these types.

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LSAC DEI Pipeline Grants

Up to $9,000 per year
Contact: D’Wayn Mapp,

LSAC’s mission is to advance law and justice by promoting access, equity, and fairness in law school admission and supporting the learning journey from prelaw through practice. We are dedicated to issuing grants to institutions for initiatives and projects that focus on and impact equity in the law school pipeline. LSAC will consider grant proposals from institutions for projects that address at least one of the following goals:

  1. Introducing the law and careers in law to students, particularly students from underrepresented populations, before high school graduation.
  2. Reducing disparities in the rate at which populations score 150 or above.
  3. Reducing disparities in admission rates across populations.
  4. Reducing disproportionate attrition rates across populations after the first year of law school.

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