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LSAC has long been a trusted source for data and information to support law school admission. From the number of test takers and applicants, to how diverse the legal education pipeline is, to the numerous outreach and skill readiness programs LSAC leads, together with member law schools, this podcast helps listeners get a quick pulse on how the admission cycle and pipeline are trending, and what’s coming down the pike. Each month, we will feature some of the most notable figures in our field.

Keeping Up to Data

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This season on Keeping Up to Data, we’re looking at more numbers and trends of interest to deans, admission professionals, prelaw advisors, advocacy organizations, legal education media, and more.

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April 2022 / Episode 6 / Under 20 minutes

LSAC’s New Legal Education Program

A new pathway to law school admission, one that complements the proven LSAT, is the goal of LSAC’s recently announced Legal Education Program. In this episode, Susan Krinsky chats with LSAC’s Kaitlynn Griffith and Cornell College President Jonathan Brand about the program and their key roles in building it.

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Previous Seasons of Keeping Up to Data

Season 2

Keeping Up to Data
March 2020

A look at applicant volumes amid COVID-19 concerns.

Keeping Up to Data
February 2020

LSAC announces new and improved reports for member schools.

Keeping Up to Data
January 2020

Following up on a successful January LSAT administration.

Keeping Up to Data
December 2019

Checking in on trends in law school application volume.

Keeping Up to Data
November 2019

Highlighting some of the reports available on

Keeping Up to Data
October 2019

Explaining the volatility in applicant and application volumes.

Keeping Up to Data
September 2019

LSAC follows up on the transition to the Digital LSAT.

Season 1

Keeping Up to Data
August 2019

Changes to LSAC’s products, and a complete applicant count.

Keeping Up to Data
July 2019

LSAC gears up for the transition to the Digital LSAT.

Keeping Up to Data
June 2019

After the Annual Meeting, a look at some available data reports.

Keeping Up to Data
May 2019

A reminder for schools to choose their index formulas for the next cycle.

Keeping Up to Data
April 2019

How application trends are comparing with the previous year, so far.

Keeping Up to Data
March 2019

Two new reports available to LSAC member schools.

Keeping Up to Data
February 2019

A few words about LSAT Writing, now a separate portion of the LSAT.

Keeping Up to Data
January 2019

Plenty of data, along with new reports available for member schools.

Keeping Up to Data
December 2018

Updates on LSAT administrations and LSAC Forum attendance.

Keeping Up to Data
November 2018

Our first podcast offers a look at what to expect each month.

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