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Strategy Booster

Resources to optimize your study approach

Strategy Booster

Support for Your Test Preparation Journey

LSAC is committed to ensuring access, equity, and fairness in law school admission. This includes providing resources to help aspiring law students prepare for what is often the first step in their legal education journey — taking the LSAT. 

In July 2024, LSAC, in collaboration with Equity Accelerator External link opens in new browser window, will launch resources to support test preparation for individuals who have registered to take the LSAT. Strategy Booster will provide test takers with resources that combine advice shared by people who have recently taken the LSAT with current research on learning and performance to help test takers identify strategies they can use to improve on their LSAT performance.

How It Works

Strategy Booster is a set of free, optional, asynchronous resources open to anyone who registers for the LSAT during the 2024-2025 testing cycle, beginning with the August 2024 administration. Test registrants will receive an email invitation to access the resources approximately six weeks prior to their scheduled test date. 

Participants will explore the experiences of recent LSAT test takers, including strategies that worked for them and are backed by the latest research on learning and performance. They will also learn how to optimize LawHub’s free LSAT prep resources External link opens in new browser window, identify where to focus their study time, and prepare more effectively for the LSAT. As part of Strategy Booster, participants will have an opportunity to share their stories and experiences to help future test takers.

Benefits of Using LSAC’s Strategy Booster Resources

  • Hear from — and get inspired by — real-life test takers who are eager to share their stories, strategies, and successes.
  • Learn from research on learning and performance to make the most of their study approach.
  • Understand how to use LawHub’s free LSAT prep resources to improve test performance.
  • Build comfort using effective strategies as they learn and practice to boost skills and performance.
  • Apply lessons learned through the resources to navigate other challenging situations.
  • Share their LSAT story to help future test takers achieve their goals.
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