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Law School Forums and Fairs

Law school recruitment events provide opportunities to meet admission representatives, get more information about law school, and ask questions that will help you determine the school for you.

Each year, LSAC hosts a series of free LSAC Law School Forums. These events provide invaluable opportunities for candidates to connect with representatives from 100+ law schools in one place. By attending an LSAC Law School Forum, you’ll be able to connect directly with law school representatives from across North America, attend exclusive workshops run by law school admission and financial aid experts, and get important information and answers to any questions you may have. Candidates interested in JD and LLM programs, as well as those who are considering law-related master’s degrees and certificate programs, are encouraged to attend.

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Law schools across North America also host events where you can meet law school representatives and learn more about law schools and the programs they offer. While these fairs are usually held at or near the host law school, many schools are hosting events virtually this year.

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Suggested Questions for Law Fair Attendees

When speaking with law school representatives, consider asking some of the questions below. They’re designed to help you evaluate the academic programs at each school you’re interested in attending, and to help you determine your best fit for law school.

Campus and Community Environment

  • What is special about the character and ambience of your school?
  • How would you describe the student interaction at your school?
  • What do students like most about your school? Least?
  • Describe the physical location of the school (big city, small town).
  • Describe the on- and off-campus housing opportunities for students.
  • What opportunities are available for prospective or admitted students to visit your campus?

Employment of Graduates

  • What percentage of graduating students find full-time, long-term employment where a JD/bar passage is either required or preferred? What kinds of jobs do your graduates take after law school?
  • What are the bar passage rates in the state(s) in which most of your graduates take the bar exam?
  • What career services are offered to students and graduates? How many students find summer or part-time employment through your law school?
  • What percentage of graduates practice in the region around your school?
  • How do you help students and graduates find jobs outside the region?


  • How would you describe faculty-student relationships at your school?
  • What type of academic support does your institution provide to students? Is it open to all students or only to students who are in academic jeopardy?
  • What clinical opportunities are offered at your school?
  • Do you offer law school study-abroad programs and, if so, in what countries?
  • Describe areas of specialization in your course offerings. What joint-degree programs are offered? Please describe the application process.
  • How are students selected for law journals or law review? 

The Admission Process

  • How does your law school review applications?
  • What do you look for in a personal statement?
  • Does your school accept addenda such as optional essays or diversity or grade-explanation statements? How do I submit these documents?
  • What kinds of recommendations are most helpful? Do you require use of LSAC’s Letter of Recommendation Service?
  • Is there an advantage in applying early?
  • Does your school have “early action” or “early decision”?
  • How important is it for students to have a law-related internship or job before law school? 


  • How does a law school articulate its DEI goals and its commitment to issues of social justice?
  • How are these goals supported with policies and investments?
  • Are there student organizations dedicated to DEI issues?
  • How does the law school’s curriculum and pedagogical approach reflect its DEI mission?
  • What is the experience of law students with different backgrounds and experiences in the community, including students of color, LGBTQ+ students, students with learning differences, etc.?
  • What support or enrichment services does the law school offer for students who many need additional academic or other support during their law school career (e.g., assuring that appropriate accommodations are offered and well monitored, support for students experiencing mental health or other personal challenges, etc.)?

LSAC’s Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Subcommittee has compiled an additional list of questions that may be of interest to LGBTQ+ students:

View School Search Questions for LGBTQ+ Candidates

Costs/Financial Aid

  • Do you offer merit or need-based scholarships or grants? If so, what criteria do you use?
  • Is the continuation of a merit scholarship contingent upon academic performance in law school? What is the required median GPA?
  • What is the estimated cost of attendance at your school and do you anticipate a tuition increase?
  • Do you have a loan repayment assistance program for graduates who go into public interest law?
  • What are the criteria and procedures for obtaining state residency status while in law school (state-supported schools)?