Types of Law Programs

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Types of Law Programs

A legal education can open up new and interesting career opportunities. Law schools offer a variety of degrees or certificates to match your goals — and your schedule.

JD Degree

If you want to practice law in the United States, you’ll probably need this degree, but it’s also useful in other career paths.

About this Degree:

  • Usually a three-year, full-time program, but can also be part-time
  • Admission requires a bachelor’s degree
  • LSAT is an integral part of the admission process
“I always knew I wanted to go to law school, but maybe back then I didn’t know what it meant to be a lawyer. … The more diverse the profession becomes, the more we can serve people who need our help.” – Abyan Gurase
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LLM Degree

This degree helps people who already have a JD or equivalent degree expand their knowledge or study a specialized area of law.

About this Degree:

  • JD degree (or international equivalent) required for admission
  • Can help you specialize and extend your credentials in a specific area
  • For international students, can offer exposure to U.S. or Canadian law systems, common law legal reasoning, and comparative law studies
“I found my LLM to be one of the best things I ever did. ... I learned more in a single year than in any other aspect of my educational experience.” – Chris Harris
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Master’s Degree

If you want to study law but aren’t looking to become a lawyer, this interdisciplinary approach could be an ideal fit.

About this Degree:

  • Includes Master of Science in Laws (MSL), Master of Legal Studies (MLS) degrees, and Juris Master (JM), among others
  • Often can be earned in one year; online and part-time programs available
  • Admission requires a bachelor’s degree
“My interest in the law is second only to my interest in education. To be able to enroll in a program that combines the two was perfect for me.” – Amy Ross Bradl
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Legal Certificate

Broaden your knowledge of the law with these options, which require relatively little time and are fairly affordable.

About this Degree:

  • Areas of study vary; some are broad, others are more specialized
  • Can be completed in as little as three months; online options available
  • Often an industry-specific credential, especially in highly regulated areas
“The law covers countless topics, and I definitely benefitted from using the certificate program to help focus my legal education.” – David Medina
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