Podcast #11: Keeping Up to Data - September 2019

This episode was recorded on September 9, 2019.

unlabeled bar graphsInterested in “Keeping Up to Data”? Join LSAC’s Vice President and Chief of Staff Susan Krinsky as she discusses this month’s topics, including September and October test registration and July test taker “keep or cancel” score data.

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Hi. This is Susan Krinsky at LSAC with the September edition of Keeping Up To Data.  

Our new LSAT testing year began with the June test administration, which was our last fully paper-and-pencil test. We had over 16,000 test takers in June, followed by almost 23,000 in July. The July administration, of course, was the administration in which half of the test takers took the test on tablets, with the other half taking the test on paper. Test takers had until September 4 to decide whether to keep or cancel their scores, and approximately half of the July test takers in each testing modality decided to keep their scores. 

As of today, we have about 24,500 registrants for the September test. And with one more day until the October registration deadline, it looks like we may reach 20,000 registrants for the October test administration. It’s too early to know what November registration numbers will be, but we anticipate that this fall’s three test administrations will see at least as many test takers as last year’s two fall administrations did. 

The 2019-2020 application cycle has begun, and we are already seeing applications coming through. At this time of year, numbers are relatively small, and as a result, they are extremely volatile. We expect to begin posting applicant and application volumes by the beginning of October. 

By the time we record next month’s podcast, I’ll be able to begin reporting on volumes, as well as on attendance at the first three or four LSAC Forums. 

As always, we’d love to hear from you with questions or suggestions. Just write to us at podcast@LSAC.org. Thanks for listening. Until next time, this is Susan Krinsky at LSAC.