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Undergraduate Registrar Registrar Staff Accounts

If you need assistance with your Registrar Staff account (e.g., you forgot your username or password or cannot access a particular area), please email

Transcript Issues

LSAC’s Transcript Mailing Address

To avoid processing delays, all transcripts should be sent to

Box 2000-M
Newtown, PA 18940-0993

Note: If sending transcripts via overnight delivery, please use the following address.

662 Penn Street
Newtown, PA 18940

Transcripts will also be accepted from the following electronic transfer services:

  • National Student Clearinghouse
  • Credentials Solutions
  • Parchment

Transcripts issued on behalf of your institution through any other service will not be accepted electronically. You must request that the service mail the official transcript along with LSAC’s transcript request form.

Transcripts will not be accepted via email from any source.

Uploading Student Transcripts

Official transcripts will also be accepted when uploaded to LSAC, via the registrar portal, by an established account holder.

Updated or Corrected Copies of Transcripts

When submitting a subsequent transcript to LSAC, please use the updated or corrected copy checkboxes on the applicant’s Transcript Request Form. This will help LSAC to more efficiently process the transcript.

Transcripts “Issued to Student”

Transcripts that are stamped “Issued to Student” will not be processed, even if they arrive in a sealed envelope from the registrar’s office.

Transcript Guides

Please do not send a transcript guide with every transcript. The guide should be submitted once each year at the time you review your school’s grading information on LSAC’s Registrar Information Center (log in for access) for the next LSAC processing year.

Registrar Information Center

For official Registrar use only:

Lauren Gardener
Phone: 215.504.1466

Technical Support

Phone: 215.968.1001


Monday-Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET
Saturday and Sunday: 12:00 to 4:00 p.m. ET

Please note: Holiday hours may differ from those listed above.