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Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot remember my username and/or password.

If you cannot recall your log-on credentials, visit Forgot User ID to reset your username, or Forgot Password to reset your password. Please note that you will need your User ID in order to reset your password. Click the appropriate button for the item you wish to reset, fill out the required fields on the online form, and click Continue. Directions on completing the reset will be sent to the email address on file with your account. If you no longer have access to this email address, an LSAC Candidate Services Representative can update it for you over the phone after verifying your identity.

I received a General error message when registering.

A General Error message can be caused by inactivity while in your online account. Your information is stored on a secure server, and the connection to that server may time out due to inactivity after a specified time limit. If your connection times out, any information you entered will be lost.

I received an error notice stating, “An error has occurred while processing your request.”

If you received the error notice while registering for the Credential Assembly Service, the most likely cause is that you attempted to enter the same school more than once. A school cannot be listed multiple times on the registration form; instead, enter the complete time span of your attendance at the school in one entry, and the information will be updated in your account when LSAC receives your transcripts.

If you receive this error notice at another time, it is usually caused by a problem with the secure connection between your computer and your account.

Do not leave any page in your account (including test or service registrations and electronic applications) unattended or inactive. Your information is stored on a secure server, and the connection to that server may be timed out after a time limit set by LSAC or your Internet service provider. If your connection times out, you may receive this error notice, and any information you entered will be lost.

If you are using a wireless Internet connection, you may receive this error message when moving between certain sections of This is caused by our website being unable to determine if the connection to your computer meets the required level of security. Try physically connecting your computer to your Internet connection, then try again.

What web browsers or other software are required to use my account?

This site supports Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. In addition, many forms and documents are available on this site in the Adobe Reader format. Make sure you have Adobe Reader 10 or later installed on your computer. If you have an earlier version of Reader, you will need to uninstall it, then download and install a later version. Reader is available free from

Pop-Up Windows uses pop-up windows for communicating pertinent information such as Transcript Request Forms, Letter of Recommendation Forms, LSAT Tickets, and displaying help topics. Please disable any third-party pop-up blocking software and check that your browser settings allow pop-ups.

  • Internet Explorer: Go to Tools/Internet Options/Privacy.
  • Firefox: Go to Tools/Options/Content.
  • Safari: Go to Safari/Preferences/Security.


Make sure JavaScript is enabled in your browser.

  • Internet Explorer: Go to Tools/Internet Options/Security-Internet/Custom Level.
  • Firefox: Go to Tools/Options/Content.
  • Safari: Go to Safari/Preferences/Security/Web Content (check Enable JavaScript checkbox).

With all three, you will likely need to close your browser and begin a new session in order for the changes to take place.


The following plug-ins or helper applications are needed to access some of the content on our website. If you do not have these applications installed, please download them from the links below. Note that these plug-ins and helper applications are subject to change without notice.


Our secure technology ensures that your personal information remains encrypted as it is transported across the Internet. LSAC does not store credit card information.

Settings and Preferences

You can set individual interface preferences for your account. After logging in to your account, go to My Account (next to Log Out button)/Preferences. Here you can select whether you use a screen reader or wish to receive emails from LSAC .


My Letter of Recommendation Form, Transcript Request Form, or LSAT Admission Ticket is not loading, is displaying as a blank window, or is loading with all the fields blank.

Please make sure you have Adobe Reader 10 (or later) installed on your computer. If you have an earlier version of Reader, you will need to uninstall it, then download and install a later version. Reader is available free from Sometimes your current version can become corrupt; uninstall and reinstall Adobe Reader.

LSAT Admission Tickets are displayed in an Adobe Reader pop-up window. If you click the link to your ticket and no window appears, it is being blocked by pop-up blocker software on your computer. Be sure that you have disabled all pop-up blockers, or other software that may modify, block, filter, or reroute your connection. LSAC cannot assist you with any software provided by a third party.

This is important. LSAT Admission Tickets are not generated or required for the online, live remote-proctored LSAT.

Windows Users

If you have the required version of Adobe Reader installed and your LSAT Admission Ticket opens in a blank window, follow Adobe’s instructions for all the common Internet browsers. Some users may also need to make an additional change to their Internet Options. Exit all open programs; then, from your computer’s Control Panel, open Internet Options and click the Advanced tab. Scroll down the list of settings to the Security section and clear the Do not save encrypted pages to disk checkbox. Click OK and try to open your admission ticket.

Firefox and Safari have their own PDF viewers; only Adobe Reader’s PDF viewer can be used to display these documents.

Mac OS X Users

The default application to view PDFs in Safari is "Preview." Some LSAC documents do not display correctly in Preview and must be viewed using Adobe Reader. Opening the admission ticket in Preview will also place a copy of the file on your desktop as “Example.pdf.” Open Adobe Reader, click File, then Open. Browse to your desktop and select the downloaded copy of the ticket. This should open the admission ticket properly and allow you to view and print your ticket.

I received a session error message.

This issue is commonly caused by using the browser navigation buttons (forward page or back page) to navigate the Online Services account, or closing the browser window before successfully logging out of the account page. Please be sure to only use the links, buttons, and tabs on the account pages to navigate through the LSAC online account.

To resolve the issue, you will need to clear your browser’s cache (temporary Internet files) and cookies. Begin by first logging back into your account, then immediately use the link in the upper-right corner to Log Out. Follow the specific procedures below for your browser to clear the cache and cookies, close the browser window completely, restart the browser, log back into your account, and retry accessing this section of your account.

Firefox: Select History from the menu at the top of the window, select Clear Recent History (or hold down the [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[Delete] keys), make sure both the Cache and Cookies boxes are checked, and select the time range to clear. We recommend selecting Everything. Then click the Clear Now button. If you have never cleared your cache and cookies before, this may take a few minutes.

Internet Explorer: Go to the Tools menu (or hit [Alt]+[T] on your keyboard), select Internet Options, then click the General tab (if it is not already selected for you). In the Browsing History section, click Delete.... Make sure the Temporary Internet Files and Cookies boxes are checked, then click Delete at the bottom. Again, depending on how often you clear your history, this may take a few minutes.

Safari: Click Safari in the upper-left corner, then Preferences. Click Privacy, then Manage Website Data, then click Remove All to remove all of the cookies and website data, or scroll down the list and select, then Remove the selected entry. Click Done. If the message persists, repeat the instructions, then restart your device.

Google Chrome: Click the three horizontal lines/dots at the end of the address bar and select History, or press ([Ctrl]+[H]). In the next menu under History (on the left side), click Clear browsing data. (If you do not see the menu, click the three bars next to History in the upper left corner, then click Clear browsing data.) Select the beginning of time in the drop-down menu next to Obliterate the following items from:. Only select the checkboxes for Cookies and other site and plug-in data and Cached images and files. Click Clear browsing data. The window will close. Close the settings tab and close the browser, then reopen the browser and log into your account to continue.

Monday-Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET
Saturday and Sunday: 12:00 to 4:00 p.m. ET

Please note: Holiday hours may differ from those listed above.

Support Connection

If you have been given a 6-digit PIN code by an LSAC support representative, click the link below to enter the code and begin your remote support session. Please follow the directions that you will see in the Applet Download box to install the remote support software.

Launch Support Connection opens in new window