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Future LLM Students

St. John’s University School of Law

8000 Utopia Parkway, Queens, NY 11439, USA
Phone: 718.990.6600
Email: | Website:


Angled view of the School of Law entryway. Purple shrubs line the path leading to the building.As a leading New York law school, St. John’s School of Law sits at the commercial, cultural, and legal crossroads of the world. St. John’s is also a great choice for both aspiring lawyers and those who already have a law degree and want to prepare themselves for the practice of law in an increasingly interconnected global legal market. St. John’s Law provides an exceptional education, grounded in the fundamentals of legal reasoning, writing, skills, and ethics, and is designed to prepare graduates for practice immediately upon graduation. The Law School is relentlessly focused on outcomes that matter most to students, their families, and its alumni. The full-time faculty of 43 publish in the top journals of the country and have authored books on a variety of subjects, all while winning praise from students for the quality of their teaching and mentoring. The adjunct faculty, which consists of over 100 attorneys and judges, teach cutting-edge subjects and infuse the curriculum with skills training.

St. John’s School of Law offers outstanding LLM (Master of Laws) programs for both American and foreign-trained lawyers.

LLM Programs/Areas of Specialization

Beyond our JD program, we offer American and foreign-trained lawyers the opportunity to continue their legal education and gain targeted expertise in one of our four Master of Laws programs and one non-degree program. Our graduate law programs include

  • American Legal: Discourse and Analysis (ALDA)
  • Bankruptcy
  • International Sports Law Practice
  • Transnational Legal Practice
  • US Legal Studies for Foreign Law School Graduates

Transnational Legal Practice

The LLM in Transnational Legal Practice trains students in the skills and knowledge needed in the rapidly expanding cross-border practice of law. All students will take Transnational Legal Practice I and II, an integrated, full-year course that is the centerpiece of the LLM. Using a hands-on approach comprised of simulations that emphasize writing, oral advocacy, and negotiation skills in a series of multijurisdictional problems that implicate domestic, foreign, and public international law, the course will focus on cross-border transactions, transnational civil dispute resolution, practice before international and domestic courts and tribunals, and advice and representation before regulatory bodies.

Participants also choose a track to focus their studies in addition to Transnational Legal Practice I and II. Most students will choose to concentrate in one of the following areas:

  • Cross-Border Transactions
  • International Trade and Investment Law
  • Public International Legal Practice
  • Transnational Dispute Resolution

Alternatively, students who have individualized professional needs or personal interests may design a tailored course of study, such as international intellectual property, corporate law, bankruptcy, or criminal law. With these tracks in mind, students will fill out the rest of their schedule from a variety of electives in order to fulfill the required 24-credit minimum for graduation.

Each LLM candidate is required to maintain a B- average throughout the program in order to graduate. Due to the intensity and rigor of the LLM program, full-time students are not permitted to work.

For additional information, visit LLM in Transnational Legal Practice, or contact

Kathryn Piper
Office of Graduate Studies, Transnational Legal Practice
Phone: 718.990.7537

US Legal Studies

The LLM in US Legal Studies is a unique program tailored exclusively for foreign law school graduates intending to pursue two goals: acquire a fully accredited American degree specializing in US Law and obtain eligibility to apply for the New York bar exam. Students will be immersed into the study of fundamental subjects of US law such as constitutional law, torts, evidence, contracts, criminal law, and New York practice. St. John’s University, with its campuses in New York City, is the perfect choice for students seeking a high-quality legal education that blends bar preparation, academic study, service opportunities, professional training, and real-world experience within a diverse and highly supportive community.

In order to receive an LLM degree in US Legal Studies at St. John’s School of Law, students must complete 24 credit hours. Of these, 10 credits are comprised of Introduction to US Law (2 credits); Legal Research, Analysis, and Writing for International LLMs I and II (5 credits); and Professional Responsibility (3 credits). Six credits must be selected from among JD courses in subjects which are tested on the New York Bar, and eight credits from among elective JD courses. We highly encourage students to take all their electives in subjects which are tested on the New York Bar.

Each LLM candidate is required to maintain a B- average throughout the program in order to graduate. Due to the intensity and rigor of the LLM program, full-time students are not permitted to work and have to enroll in a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 18 credits per semester. Full- and part-time students must comply with proper immigration and employment regulations.

For additional information, visit LLM in US Legal Studies, or contact

Lucas Rezende
Director of US Legal Studies and International Sports Law Practice
Phone: 718.990.3014


The LLM in Bankruptcy, the nation’s premier bankruptcy program, accepts up to a dozen highly motivated students a year. Our intensive and comprehensive curriculum includes more than two dozen specialized bankruptcy courses taught by a world-class faculty of leading professors, judges, and practitioners. Our graduates are successful and are employed by leading firms and courts.

The St. John’s LLM in Bankruptcy program is intensive and rigorous. The LLM in Bankruptcy requires the completion of 24 credits. Generous scholarships are available to qualified students.

This program, which combines academic rigor with a unique multidisciplinary approach, is designed to produce bankruptcy lawyers with the skills, the ambition, and the knowledge to become leaders in the insolvency field. We do not attempt to mask the intensity of the program; on the contrary, we want each applicant to understand the commitment that this program requires. We also want leaders of the insolvency community to appreciate the effort that each graduate will have made to successfully master such an enormously comprehensive program, and to understand that each is prepared to accept the responsibility of leadership that will go with the degree.

For additional information, please visit LLM in Bankruptcy, or contact

Yvette Gutierrez
Director of Graduate Admissions and Bankruptcy Programs
Phone: 718.990.1923

International Sports Law Practice

The LLM in International Sports Law Practice is the first program of its kind in the United States. St. John’s School of Law has designed this program for lawyers with a passion for sports and a clear desire to practice in this rewarding, global legal specialty. Taught by the national and international sporting community’s top lawyers, agents, and managers, the program consists of a semester of academic courses at St. John’s and a semester working full time in a practice placement with a sports law firm, agency, team, league, or regulatory body, either in the United States or overseas.

In the first semester, students take courses that focus on legal issues in international and comparative sports law and US sports law, including antitrust, contract, labor, intellectual property law, and regulation of sports. In addition, students take an intensive negotiation, mediation, and dispute resolution course and begin work on the required master’s thesis.

In the second semester, students will gain firsthand experience through a full-time, on-site practice placement with a sports law firm, team, federation, sports agency, professional or major university team, league, or regulatory agency. All practice placements are arranged and assigned by St. John’s, with due consideration given to each student’s interests, language capacity, academic background, experience, and other skills and strengths. Students also complete their master’s thesis.

Rolling Admission and Application Deadline

Students must commence the program in the fall term. Applications should be submitted by May 15. Later applications are considered on a space-available basis.

Contact Information

For additional information, visit LLM in International Sports Law Practice, or contact

Iciar Murillo Cruz

American Law: Discourse and Analysis

St. John’s University School of Law offers a pre-LLM non-degree program, American Law: Discourse and Analysis (ALDA), which can be combined with an LLM program at St. John’s. The program offers foreign-trained lawyers the opportunity to master the core principles and concepts of American law while learning “legal English” and working with professors experienced in both law and language teaching.

The ALDA pathway enables students to begin their core LLM coursework with a professional level of proficiency in the language, cultural, and analytical skills used in American law. The program teaches the key aspects of US law (in particular government, court system, contracts, torts, professional responsibility, legal writing, and American legal culture) and the legal analysis skills (spoken and written) required for success in the LLM program. Students who follow the formal ALDA pathway spend one year (two semesters) completing the ALDA work and one year (two semesters) completing their desired LLM courses before completion of the LLM degree.

ALDA students take four classes each semester for a total of 12 non-degree credits. Students leave the ALDA program with 24 non-degree credits.

You can find more information about ALDA at American Legal Discourse and Analysis or St. John’s Legal English Blog, or by contacting

Stephen Horowitz
Director, Pre-LLM Programs
Phone: 718.990.6625

How to Apply

Students may commence the programs either in the fall or spring terms, with the exception of the International Sport Law Practice Program, which starts in the fall semester only. We use a rolling admission process, consider applications as they come in, and make every effort to inform you of our decision as soon as possible after receipt of your completed application. An application is considered complete when the School of Law has received the following:

  • Completed and signed application
  • Personal statement
  • Application fee of $100 (nonrefundable)
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Résumé
  • Writing sample (required for foreign-educated applicants)
  • Personal interview (required for foreign-educated applicants)
  • Transcripts from law school(s) (including class rank) or foreign equivalent and undergraduate and graduate schools attended
  • LSAT score (US-educated applicants) (a copy of the front sheet of the applicant’s CAS report indicating his/her LSAT score provided by law school)
  • Scholarship application (if applicable)
  • English proficiency scores (required for foreign-educated applicants)

A prospective student may apply through their LSAC LLM Account or by sending a completed application (PDF) to

Office of Graduate Studies
St. John’s School of Law
8000 Utopia Parkway, Room 301
Queens, NY 11439

For more information on applying, please contact

Yvette Gutierrez
Director of Graduate Admissions and Bankruptcy Programs
Phone: 718.990.1923

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