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Future LLM Students

Santa Clara University School of Law

500 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA 95053, USA
Phone: 408.554.5048 | Website:


Palm trees stand tall in front of the law school.Santa Clara Law offers an exceptional environment in which to study law. Situated on a lush campus centered around a historic California mission, Santa Clara Law is located in the heart of the Silicon Valley, one of the most vibrant and exciting economies in the world. Located just 40 miles south of San Francisco, Silicon Valley is home to leading law firms as well as companies such as Google, Apple, eBay, Intel, and Yahoo!.

Santa Clara Law is consistently recognized as among the nation’s best law schools for its intellectual property curriculum and program, as well as for being one of the most diverse law schools in the country. The global law program includes more summer-abroad opportunities than any other law school in the nation. Additionally, Santa Clara Law’s Center for Social Justice and Public Services has allowed students to actively serve the community.

Law School Enrollment

  • Total law school enrollment: 900
  • Full time: 750
  • Part time: 150

Physical Facilities

  • Heafey Law Library hours: Monday through Thursday, 8:00 ammidnight; Friday, 8:00 am–10:00 pm; Saturday, 9:00 am–10:00 pm; Sunday, 9:00 ammidnight. Law students also make use of the Santa Clara University Learning Commons, which is open to the entire university community.
  • Free campus-wide wireless network.
  • On-campus Fitness Center and swimming pool are available for use.


Three students--two female, one male--pose on a  wooden dock, in view of a long, gray bridge.On-campus housing is available for graduate and law students. Interested students are encouraged to make arrangements quickly, as spaces fill up. Graduate and law student housing is located in university-owned complexes located close to the Santa Clara University campus. For more information, students can contact the Housing Office:

Phone: 408.554.4900

LLM Programs/Areas of Specialization

Santa Clara Law offers three LLM programs for law school graduates in the areas of United States Law, Intellectual Property, and International and Comparative Law. To be eligible to apply for admission, an applicant must have completed or be in the process of completing a primary degree in law. The primary degree in law must be completed when the applicant plans to start enrollment in the LLM program.

United States Law

The LLM in United States Law is a program offered to law graduates who have received a primary degree in law from an institution outside of the United States. The program assumes completion of a minimum of two semesters of study at Santa Clara Law. Within this LLM program, students may elect to specialize in Intellectual Property Law, International and Comparative Law, or Human Rights Law. Students are admitted to start in the summer/fall only.

Intellectual Property Law

Santa Clara Law’s LLM in Intellectual Property is available to students who have received their legal training within the United States. It will allow students to gain exposure to many subjects within the area of intellectual property. Students who have an interest in high-tech law and have an educational/professional background in science and math will have an opportunity to continue their work in their areas of patent law, biotechnology, or mass communications. Students are admitted to start in the fall and spring semesters.

International and Comparative Law

This program will provide students with an opportunity to experience the evolving legal culture of the world from the vantage point of our overseas programs as well as from the perspectives of the Santa Clara Law faculty, who represent a range of experiences in the area of international law. Students will complete this program after completing coursework at Santa Clara Law as well as coursework within one of Santa Clara Law’s summer/semester study-abroad programs. Students are admitted to start in the fall semester only.

Application Requirements

  • A male graduate wearing a black robe with purple accents holds a blue flag depicting scales.Application Fee: $75
  • Official transcripts required for all previous academic work. LSAC LLM Credential Assembly Service recommended.
  • Personal statement (four pages maximum)
  • Résumé or CV
  • Letters of recommendation: strongly recommended (not required)
  • A limited number of merit scholarships are available for those who submit the required scholarship application.
  • 2016–2017 tuition is $1,894 per unit. Tuition for the 2017–2018 academic year will be announced in April of 2017 and will apply to those students starting the program in the fall 2017 term.

Graduation Requirements

  • 24 units minimum
  • At least two semesters in residence at Santa Clara Law School (students must graduate within two academic years [maximum] after starting the LLM program)
  • Completion of a writing requirement (original research paper to be written for a 2–3 unit law school course or a 2–3 unit directed study under the supervision of a law school faculty member)
  • Students may attend on a full- or part-time basis

Contact Information

For more information, please visit the Graduate Legal Programs website, or contact

Phone: 408.554.5048
Fax: 408.554.5047

Student Services and Organizations

Santa Clara Law provides a community-oriented setting where law students, faculty, and staff are able to come together, creating an energetic learning environment. All students at Santa Clara Law are members of the Student Bar Association (SBA). The SBA Executive Board consists of law students who are selected by the greater law student population to represent their interests to law school and university committees and to organize and plan law school social, educational, and service-oriented events.

There are over 30 student organizations that students are free to join at any time during the academic year. Participation in a student group will allow the law student to connect with other students with shared interests as well as network with law faculty and legal practitioners.

Career Services

All students at Santa Clara Law are welcome to utilize the services of the professional staff of the Office of Career Management. This team’s goal is to assist students in strategizing and planning their postgraduate employment search. The Santa Clara Law Career Management team maintains connections with many law firms, companies, and alumni in order to facilitate connections that current students may make with individuals in their chosen field.

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