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Future LLM Students

University of Arkansas School of Law

University of Arkansas School of Law, Fayetteville, AR 72701, USA
Phone: 479.575.3706 | Website:


The School of Law builds on more than 80 years of tradition and alumni success to promote professionalism, civility, and leadership. Our students follow a rigorous course of study that prepares them for success in law practice, business, public service, and more. Whether pursuing a JD or an LLM in the nation’s first agricultural and food law program, students have the opportunity to expand and refine their lawyering skills—and to serve others—through the Legal Clinic, an active and effective pro bono program; externships; and skills courses. We are proud to offer an environment that welcomes international students and that encourages all of our students to take advantage of an increasing variety of international opportunities in and out of the classroom. Students also may participate in the publication of one of three law journals—Arkansas Law Review, Journal of Food Law & Policy, and Journal of Islamic Law & Culture. The law school’s outstanding faculty not only nurtures and challenges our students but also is committed to research and outreach.

The University of Arkansas, the state’s flagship university, resides on 345 picturesque acres in Fayetteville, at the foot of the Ozark Mountains. The School of Law is housed in one of the most striking buildings on campus, where it serves as a popular gathering place for the entire university community.

For nearly 150 years, the University of Arkansas has been at the center of higher education in the state, and it has moved to the forefront of higher education in the nation. Never before in the university’s history have its students and faculty been more academically accomplished, its facilities more sophisticated, or its research efforts more inclusive. All indicators of academic success are at record highs and climbing.

The northwest Arkansas location of the university provides many distinct benefits. Fayetteville offers the comfort and security of a small college town with friendly local businesses and a welcoming environment. Its network of Farmers’ Markets is recognized as one of the best in the region, and opportunities for local food abound. Yet, just to the north are worldwide food and retail industry leaders, including the headquarters of Walmart and Tyson Foods, influential global businesses that have enhanced and attracted resources to northwest Arkansas. Surrounding the area on the south and east are the beautiful Ozark Mountains.

University Highlights

University of Arkansas enrollment has grown to more than 27,000 students. Students come from every state in the United States, and approximately 1,400 international students are enrolled from more than 113 countries. Almost 200 academic programs are offered. More than a quarter of all U of A students study abroad sometime during their college career.

Law School Enrollment

For the 2017–2018 academic year, the School of Law anticipates an enrollment of approximately 330 students pursuing a JD degree and 19 LLM candidates.

Physical Facilities

The School of Law dedicated the addition and renovation of Leflar Law Center in October 2008. More than 64,000 square feet of new construction were added to the building, featuring a 203-seat courtroom, soaring entrance hall, a central courtyard, and a coffee shop located within the new law library wing. Wi-Fi is available throughout the building, and the classrooms are technologically enhanced. The main entrance of the law center opens onto the union mall in the heart of the campus.


The majority of School of Law students live off campus, with many options close to school. The School of Law is located on the north side of campus, as shown on this U of A campus map.

The University of Arkansas has an off-campus housing website with resources that allow you to search for housing, compare prices, and even find help locating used furniture. Included is information on roommates, utilities, landlord contracts, and advice on renting. International students can receive additional assistance through the International Students and Scholars Center.

Razorback Transit provides free bus service throughout Fayetteville, with a mobile phone app to allow you to determine where buses are and when they will be arriving at your stop.

LLM Program in Agricultural and Food Law

Contact information:

Professor Susan A. Schneider
Director, LLM Program in Agricultural and Food Law
University of Arkansas School of Law
1045 W. Maple Street
Fayetteville, AR 72701

Phone: 479.575.3706
Fax: 479.575.2076

About Agricultural and Food Law

Face to Face and Distance Education: concerns about food security and interest in our food system have generated increasing interest in the study of agricultural and food law as an emerging area of practice and scholarship.

Worldwide, agriculture has often been treated differently than other industries, with its own body of laws and exceptions. Food, as the most basic and essential of products, is deserving of special consideration. Because of this unique status, the laws governing food and agriculture are often not covered in the typical law school curriculum, making advanced study necessary.

Just as we depend on agriculture for the production of our food, we recognize that this production is also highly consumptive. The agricultural sector uses more natural resources, including land and water, than any other single industry. Developing an agricultural system that balances production needs with environmental sustainability, particularly in the face of global warming, is a serious challenge for the future.

Agricultural and food law is a study of the network of laws and policies that apply to our food system, from farm to plate. It includes the study of commercial laws that affect the financing of agricultural operations, environmental laws that impact production practices, food safety and food labeling laws that regulate the food system, the regulation of marketing and advertising of agricultural and food products, international trade issues, agricultural labor laws, nutrition and food assistance programs, animal welfare standards, and overall farm and food policy. There is nothing more basic, yet there are few things more complex.

Much of agricultural and food law is nation specific. However, whether the task is debating international food safety standards, assessing our farm programs for compliance with World Trade Organization requirements, evaluating foreign land investment, or addressing world hunger and the right to food, the study of agricultural and food law extends far beyond US borders.


A full curriculum of specialized LLM courses is taught by nationally recognized agricultural and food law scholars and practitioners through a mix of law professors at the University of Arkansas School of Law, visiting professors who teach condensed courses, and distinguished guests who lecture via live video conference.

Tuition and Fees

The LLM program in Agricultural and Food Law is one of the most affordable LLM opportunities available. LLM candidates from outside of Arkansas are charged a nonresident tuition rate of approximately $33,192 for the year. Tuition for Arkansas residents is approximately $14,292. An additional health insurance charge of $1,943 is assessed for international students. The university assesses additional fees on a per-credit basis.

A limited number of graduate assistantships are available.

Student Services and Organizations

The School of Law features more than 20 registered student organizations, including an active international law organization. In addition, there are three student-run journals at the law school, including the Journal of Food Law & Policy.

Career Services

The Career Services Office provides a wealth of resources to assist School of Law students and alumni in obtaining employment. For more information, contact Susan Schell, Senior Director of Career Planning and Placement, at or 479.575.7644.

LLM candidates receive special guidance from the director of the LLM program and LLM faculty. In addition, the network of LLM alumni provides helpful connections for future employment.

World-Renowned Visitors

In the past several years, the School of Law has welcomed such luminaries as former faculty member and US President Bill Clinton; former US Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor; founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center, Morris Dees; Mark Gaston Pearce, past chairman of the National Labor Relations Board; Michael T. Scuse, United States Department of Agriculture Acting Deputy Secretary; and Bryan Stevenson, founder and director of the Equal Justice Initiative in Montgomery, Alabama, and author of Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption.

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