LSAC Expands Support for Individuals From Prelaw Through Practice

July 15, 2021
Newtown, PA

LawHub to serve as central to this mission

LSAC, a champion for access and equity in legal education for more than 75 years, announced today that it is broadening its support for law school candidates across a wider range of the prelaw through practice journey by expanding its offerings and programming through LSAC LawHub®.

“Through LawHub, we are extending our reach to points earlier in the prelaw pipeline as well as providing additional support to people throughout their learning journey in law,” said Kellye Testy, LSAC president and CEO. “Access alone is never enough; we are here to help individuals succeed every step of the way.”

Many factors, including the Black Lives Matter movement, the COVID-19 pandemic, rising social inequality, and accelerating technological change, reveal the need for more innovative and intense efforts to advance equity in legal education.

“Serving our most marginalized communities will benefit everyone,” said Angela Winfield, LSAC chief diversity officer. “We will not rest until every person who has the potential to succeed in law, regardless of their identity, is given the opportunity and resources to do so.”

LSAC LawHub®, a user-centric platform created in March 2020 to deliver the LSAT digitally amid the pandemic, is now relied upon by hundreds of thousands of law candidates for test preparation and other services. LawHub will be leveraged to reach candidates earlier and to provide them more support along their prelaw through practice learning journey.

“LawHub will expand from its current prelaw services to offer products and programs that are valuable throughout one’s professional life,” said Annmarie Levins, LSAC chief strategy officer. “By broadening support for individuals throughout their legal career paths, LawHub will amplify the collective reach and impact of our member law schools and prelaw advisor networks.”

Most recently, LawHub offered the virtual education series Law School Unmasked to more than 1,500 attendees. The program was designed to demystify law school for incoming first-year law students while helping them build the knowledge and skills that are essential to law school success. Additional courses and programs will be developed starting this fall, including services to help candidates with personal statements. A new undergraduate program that is expected to attract more students to consider legal education and could ultimately provide candidates an additional pathway to law school is also in development.

LSAC will continue to nourish and grow its relationships with law schools, the professional prelaw community, and others in the legal education ecosystem to build a just and prosperous world where all may thrive. LSAC recently announced the creation of the RISE Alliance, a national center designed to support the leadership and professional development needs of student-facing law school staff.

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LSAC is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to advance law and justice by promoting access, equity, and fairness in law school admission and supporting the learning journey from prelaw through practice. LSAC provides products and services that support candidates and schools throughout the law school admission process, and innovative solutions to expand and diversify the range of prelaw students, enhance student outcomes in law school, and support legal professionals throughout their careers.