Introducing ... Law:Fully

I know what you’re thinking… “Does the world really need another blog about the law?”

I think the answer is yes: today, more than ever, we need more robust conversation about the challenges and opportunities facing our world’s legal systems.

I’ve devoted more than 25 years of my life to law and legal education—as a lawyer, as a professor of law, as the dean of a private law school, and then as the dean of a large public law school. And now I have the privilege of leading the Law School Admission Council (LSAC)—a nonprofit organization devoted to expanding, diversifying, and strengthening legal education and legal systems in the United States and around the world.

My passion for the law is rooted in my belief that the rule of law is fundamental to a just, well-functioning, and continually advancing society. Law is vital not only in providing peace and justice through its dispute-resolution mechanisms, but also in setting the very foundations for humans and societies to flourish. Economic opportunity, social justice, technological innovation, arts and culture, personal security, and practically every other aspect of civilized society depends on a well-functioning legal system.

LSAC helps law schools attract, assess, admit, and educate a diverse group of high-quality law students. Law school is a big investment in both money and time, so LSAC also runs forums and other programs to help students decide if a career in the law is right for them. These students represent the next generation of lawyers and legal professionals who will help maintain, shape, and improve society.

It’s a complex ecosystem that is evolving as the rule of law is challenged globally, the impact of technology is changing how work is done, the dichotomy between the diversity of the profession and the people it serves has never been more apparent, and the economics of higher education are affecting both providers and students.

We want this new blog, Law:Fully, to become a platform for exploring all aspects of legal education and law. Join us in the coming weeks and months as we discuss critical topics such as increasing the diversity of the legal profession, ensuring access to justice for every member of our society, addressing the economics of higher education that are challenging students and institutions alike, ensuring our legal systems keep pace with unprecedented technological changes, and preserving and advancing the rule of law in the face of rising challenges around the globe, to name just a few.

We plan to feature a number of diverse voices and perspectives—not just LSAC leaders, but also law school administrators and faculty, thought leaders from throughout the legal community, employers from every point in the legal profession, and current and potential law students themselves.

With so many great thinkers and writers in the law community, I am confident we will cover Law:Fully.

Kellye Y. Testy

President and Chief Executive Officer of LSAC
Since 2017, Kellye Y. Testy has served as president and chief executive officer of the Law School Admission Council, the leading assessment, data, and technology hub for law schools and their candidates in the United States, Canada, and throughout the world.