Person at desk with laptop and Amazon Echo device.

Use Alexa to Get Answers about the LSAT, Law School, and More

At LSAC, we’re always looking for innovative ways to engage with law school candidates and those who are thinking about pursuing a legal education. Now, we’re excited to announce a new way for you to get answers to commonly asked questions about law school: by asking Alexa on your Amazon devices, such as the Echo and the Fire TV, and even on the downloadable Alexa mobile app.

Members of the LSAC team have been working with Amazon to develop the LSAC skill for Alexa opens in new window, which is a set of voice-driven features which enable users to engage in a variety of activities on their Alexa devices and on the Alexa mobile app. By activating the LSAC skill via your Amazon account, you’ll be able to get immediate information that can help guide your journey to law school.

Many of the questions we hope to answer via the LSAC skill are related to the LSAT. You can ask about upcoming administrations of the test, the test format, how LSAT scores are used, and how many times you can take the test. You also can learn about what happens with your score after you take the test and how it will be reported to law schools to which you apply. For example, you could ask your Alexa-enabled device, “Is the LSAT in person or online?”, “How do I register for the LSAT?”, or “What’s a good LSAT score?”

Other answers you can get from the LSAC skill on Alexa include topics such as LawHub - LSAC’s one-stop destination featuring resources for candidates, students, and legal professionals – as well as basic information about law school, such as minimum requirements and how many years it takes to finish. Alexa can also help you get advice on choosing the law school that’s the best fit for you as well as aid you in your research for financial aid options.

If you’d like to give the LSAC skill a try, sign into Amazon and visit LSAC’s Alexa skills page opens in new window to enable the skill. It’s free, and it can be accessed via any of your Alexa devices or on your Amazon Alexa mobile app. We hope this provides a helpful and convenient way for you to get answers as you explore the possibilities of pursuing a legal education.