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Ave Maria School of Law offers students a distinctive legal education that focuses on professional excellence, the moral foundations of the law, and the harmony of faith and reason. As a national Catholic law school, Ave Maria Law is committed to producing highly competent graduates who are able to reflect critically on the law, the principles that support it, and their role within the legal system.

Ave Maria Law was founded in Ann Arbor, Michigan, but has been located in Southwest Florida for more than 10 year.  Its 12-acre campus in Naples, Florida, is just 7 miles from the Gulf of Mexico, and in an area noted for economic growth. Our students have found employment and externship opportunities with courts and law firms in Naples and nearby Ft. Myers.

Ave Maria School of Law encourages applications from students of all faiths who seek a distinctive legal education enriched by the Catholic intellectual tradition.


Ave Maria School of Law awards the Juris Doctor degree upon completion 90 credits of full-time residential study (three years). The required curriculum of 74 credits ensures that all students develop those skills that are fundamental to the effective practice of law—analysis, reasoning, problem solving, research, writing, oral advocacy, and more. Through elective courses, students have the opportunity to focus on specific subject areas of interest such as commercial law, employment law, international law, and intellectual property law. A central tenet of the educational philosophy at Ave Law is that law and morality are inherently intertwined.


At the core of the Ave Maria School of Law education are the faculty members who teach and mentor students. Faculty members bring to the classroom their experience as attorneys in private practice, as judicial clerks, and as teachers and administrators at other law schools. In hiring the faculty, the law school administration has sought individuals who would be able to translate the mission of the law school in the classroom, in their scholarship, and in their service. Ave Maria Law faculty members actively contribute to the profession through their legal research, writing, and involvement in professional and civic organizations. Our faculty includes more than 30 full-time professors. Select upper-level courses are taught by adjunct faculty members drawn from are law firms, corporations, and the judiciary.

Enrollment/Student Body

The student body at Ave Law is a combination of those who are directly out of college along with many who have military service and work experience in varied areas such as education, business, and engineering. The typical average age of entering students is between 26 and 28. While many of the incoming class are from Florida, approximately 50% are from many different states, such as New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas, Michigan and others. Over 150 undergraduate colleges and universities are represented at the law school, including University of Florida, University of Central Florida, Penn State, Ave Maria University, University of Texas, and many other distinguished institutions.

Professional Development/Placement

Ave Law graduates are employed in 47 states and internationally. These alumni are represented in state and federal government, private law firms, including large international firms, and global corporations. Graduates have also been successful in obtaining employment with state and federal governmental agencies, including the US Department of Justice, Homeland Security, and Defense, as well as multiple prosecutors’ offices nationwide. Students gain valuable experience throughout the year through volunteer internships, paid clerkships and the law school’s robust externship program. The Certified Legal Internship allows students to gain valuable hands-on experience working for government agencies such the Office of the State Attorney, the Office of the Public Defender and the Florida Department of Children and Families.

The Office of Professional Development uses a proactive and individualized approach to assist students during each stage of the career-search process, including counseling, strategizing, resume and cover letter preparation, interviewing and consideration of employment offers. The full-time staff of four is dedicated to expanding employment opportunities for students through the cultivation of relationships with legal employers throughout the region and the nation.


The Ave Maria Law library encompasses over 13,000 square feet and was renamed the Veterans Memorial Library in 2016. Materials are available in all formats but is particularly strong in digital resources. In addition to a fine compilation of US and international primary and secondary legal materials, the Veterans Memorial Library’s collection emphasized the areas of canon law, bioethics and biotechnology, natural law, and related philosophy, history, political science, and economics title. Seating in the library includes a variety of carrels, tables, group study and soft seating. Leisure reading in the form of magazines and daily newspapers is provided.


Ave Maria School of Law enrolls talented individuals from diverse backgrounds who seek a rigorous and distinctive legal education. To this end, Ave Law evaluates applicants from a whole-person perspective and considers many factors, including undergraduate and graduate records, work experience, accomplishments, obstacle overcome, activities and involvement, LSAT score, letters of recommendation (dated within two years) and applicant personal statements. The law school recognized that a diverse student body enriches the law school experience for all.

Student Engagement

By providing opportunities for interaction among students, faculty, staff and the legal community, Ave Law ensure a vibrant, professional atmosphere and a constructive law school experience. More than 15 student organizations, which are an important component of the law school’s community, provide students with an opportunity to grow academically, personally, professionally, and spiritually. These organizations sponsor a variety of events, including speakers, debates, community service projects and social events. In addition, a comprehensive orientation program, many legal and business speakers, conferences, and the Profiles in Ethical Leadership Series, together with a challenging and comprehensive curriculum provide Ave Law students with and exceptional law school experience.

The Law School recently built a 21,000 square foot fitness facility to bring health and wellness into the legal education of its students. More than just a facility, an entire Mind + Body + Spirit initiative has been launched. Law school, and a legal career are high stress environments and Ave Law is providing an opportunity for our students to build healthy habits that will stay with them well past law school. This focus on health and wellness make the law school community stronger and better as a whole and prepare student to perform at higher academic levels.


Ave Maria Law’s campus in Naples, Florida offer on-site housing, consisting of one- and two-bedroom apartments and attached villas. Other rental options are in close proximity to the campus.  The law school provides assistance to students during the search for housing and in moving to Naples.

Tuition/Financial Aid

Ave Maria Law offers a generous scholarship program that annually provides scholarships ranging from $10,000 up to full tuition to a significant number of incoming students. Each year, the law school extends more than $2 million to the entering class. Additionally, there are a limited number of living expense stipends, which exceed full tuition, for select candidates. Tuition for members of the Fall 2023 entering class is $46,400 and will remain so for all three years of study.

Admitted Applicant Profile

25-75% UGPA Range at Ave Maria:

2.98 to 3.64

25-75% LSAT Score Range at Ave Maria:

150 to 155

25-75% UGPA Range at Ave Maria:

2.98 to 3.64

25-75% LSAT Score Range at Ave Maria:

150 to 155

25-75% UGPA Range at Ave Maria:

2.98 to 3.64

25-75% LSAT Score Range at Ave Maria:

150 to 155

Contact Information

1025 Commons Circle,
Naples, FL 34119-1376,
United States