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It’s Always Sunny in San Diego

Yes, the weather is essentially perfect and the craft beer is world-renowned.

But there’s a lot more to San Diego, especially for law students and attorneys who can choose to work in one of the city’s burgeoning industries.

San Diego is a hub of innovation—known for thriving biotech, health care, telecommunications, and action sports conglomerates. It’s also home to many national and international law firms, right in Cal Western’s backyard. 

Our downtown location at the heart of the region’s legal and political community allows students to walk, bike, or take public transit to nearby internship, public service, and clinical learning opportunities—all of which can be built into your personalized JD curriculum. California Western alumni are well positioned in both the private and public sectors of San Diego’s legal community.

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The JD Program

Earning a law degree from California Western sets you apart. It means you’ve developed a deep understanding of legal theory and fundamentals along with critical-thinking skills, and that you know how to apply the law in dynamic environments.

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Our curriculum is structured to ensure you have the proper training at each step along the way to becoming a practicing attorney — from mentorship to internship and beyond.

JD/MBA Program

California Western School of Law and San Diego State University Fowler College of Business Administration cooperate in the granting of dual Juris Doctorate (JD) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees. The JD/MBA program is designed for students interested in working in the fields of law and business. 

The dual-degree program prepares you for careers in areas such as business transactions, finance, securities, real estate, labor, intellectual property, investment, banking and business planning.

Part-Time Evening Program

We offer a part-time evening program which is designed for working professionals interested in legal education. We understand that family priorities or professional commitments might prevent you from enrolling in a full-time JD program.  Our part-time evening program gives you the opportunity to earn a JD without having to sacrifice your other responsibilities.


California Western offers students academic concentrations in Business Law, Criminal Justice, International Law, and Labor and Employment Law. Starting Fall 2024, the school will offer two new concentrations: Intellectual Property, Privacy, and Media Law; and Social Justice.


Students at California Western have the opportunity to participate in our nationally renowned clinics, including the Community Law Project, which serves the most vulnerable individuals in the San Diego community; the New Media Rights clinic, which provides legal counsel to artists, journalists, and internet entrepreneurs; and our Innocence program, which works to free the wrongfully incarcerated and reform the criminal justice system.

Clinical Externship Program

In your third year, you can also participate in the Clinical Externship Program, through which you will gain real-world legal experience in exchange for academic credit at various organizations, agencies, law offices, government offices, and corporations in San Diego and around the world.

Competitive Advocacy Program (Moot Court Teams)

The Competitive Advocacy Program (CAP) at California Western has a winning tradition in San Diego and across the nation. Our competition teams (trial, appellate, and alternative dispute resolution) consistently advance, place, and win both regional and national competitions throughout the academic year.

Student Life

Study in San Diego

California Western is located in a perfect place to study law and enjoy your time. Located blocks from downtown San Diego, San Diego Waterfront, Little Italy, and the city’s legal hub — including the federal U.S. District Court — there is plenty of opportunity to work, play, and learn.


As one of the most diverse law schools in the country, California Western School of Law is committed to building a collaborative learning and working environment that promotes diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. We believe these values affirm mutual respect and foster innovation, enabling students, staff, and faculty to fully develop and use their skills to promote positive change.

Student Organizations

Outside the classroom, student organizations offer a great opportunity for students to connect with others who share similar legal interests, ambitions, and lived experiences.

Career Placement and Bar Passage

Bar Review Program 

California Western offers a Bar Review Program that begins in the second year of law school, as early preparation is key to success. Students receive training and support leading directly up to the day of the test.  

Career and Professional Development  

California Western’s Career and Professional Development Office offers a wide variety of resources designed to help you identify and achieve your career goals. Whether you are conducting your first summer job search, searching for a career position, or considering an alternative career, our goal is to assist you in maximizing your efforts and equipping you with skills, tools, and tips to ensure that you are as competitive as possible in the legal job market.  

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Tuition and Aid


California Western offers more than a dozen institutional scholarships for first-year and upper-division students. We believe scholarships are vital to attracting and retaining high-caliber students, which helps create a dynamic learning environment and engaged alumni community. Student scholarships range in size and intent, providing up to 100% of tuition costs on the basis of academic merit, commitment to service, and more.

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Admission Decisions: Beyond the Numbers

There is more to every applicant than the numbers. While academic performance and test scores are important, California Western takes a holistic view of each individual, which is why we encourage taking full advantage of the many application components including the personal statement and addenda.

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Admitted Applicant Profile

25-75% UGPA Range at California Western:

3.12 to 3.58

25-75% LSAT Score Range at California Western:

150 to 156

25-75% UGPA Range at California Western:

3.12 to 3.58

25-75% LSAT Score Range at California Western:

150 to 156

25-75% UGPA Range at California Western:

3.12 to 3.58

25-75% LSAT Score Range at California Western:

150 to 156

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