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Official Guide to ABA-Approved JD Programs

Gonzaga University School of Law is dedicated to providing students with an excellent legal education. To fulfill this dedication, the law school fosters a vibrant culture of scholarly inquiry; offers a wide array of learning experiences; teaches in-depth knowledge of legal doctrine, theory, and policy; provides extensive training in professional skills; and nurtures social consciousness, all consistent with the school’s Jesuit, Catholic, and humanistic traditions. Gonzaga is committed to enrolling a diverse student community, including students of all backgrounds and beliefs.

The campus is located in Spokane, Washington, a four-season city with the Spokane River flowing through its center. The metropolitan area of approximately 500,000 people serves as the hub of the Inland Northwest, a large area running from the Cascade Mountains in the west to the Rockies in the east. Spokane is a cultural center for the area, with professional and amateur theater groups, a symphony, art galleries, and other cultural offerings. Spokane also serves as the region’s hub for health care, higher education, agriculture, and light industry. It is a recreational sports area abundant with lakes, mountains, and forests. The Spokane International Airport is conveniently located 10 miles from the campus.

The JD Program

We are often asked: “What is Gonzaga Law known for?” The answer is, quite honestly, producing very strong, well-rounded J.D. candidates that are ready to practice law in their chosen area. Our faculty and staff are prepared to support you as you discover your area of focus. Each year, we produce exemplary candidates in Human Rights, Intellectual Property, Environmental Law, and everything in between. We’re not in the business of assigning you to a “track.” We are in the business of investing in our humans to become the best versions of themselves for others.

What will you learn at Gonzaga Law? To think deeper, argue more persuasively, collaborate more intensely, and pour your passion into your study of the law. We offer two challenging, fully accredited J.D. program tracks, each with multiple pathways to your area focus allowing you to customize your studies. Each pathway is rigorously designed and taught by expert faculty to prepare you for the Uniform Bar Exam, land a career that makes a genuine difference in the lives of others, and practice at the top of your profession.

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Tuition and Aid

Financing your J.D. is an important piece of the puzzle as you consider law school. Nearly 100% of Gonzaga Law students take advantage of the various financial aid programs we offer. We are committed to transparent communication about how financing fits into your future.

This conversation begins with consideration for merit-based awards. Your application for admission is your application for scholarships. All Gonzaga Law scholarships are fully guaranteed and renewable for the traditional duration of your program. There are no conditional strings attached. Eligible students are offered merit-based scholarships at the point of admission. 

The School of Law annually awards nearly $6 million in scholarships to incoming 1L students. Your application for admission is your application for merit-based scholarship consideration. This investment in your success is our commitment to you. We are dedicated to helping you pursue your educational and career goals by providing financial information and resources in a professional and individualized manner. 

For many students, financing your degree is terribly intimidating. Our staff at Gonzaga Law are committed to helping you understand not just how to get in the door, but to bar passage and beyond.

Admission Decisions: Beyond the Numbers

Gonzaga Law endeavors to attract students with curious minds, professional motivation, and commitment to the highest ethics and values of the legal profession,. Consideration of applicants is not restricted to only academic performance statistics. Instead, we are committed to a holistic review of all application materials to discern fit and potential for success in this demanding setting. In alignment with our Jesuit mission, Gonzaga Law seeks to enroll a diverse student body.

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