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Official Guide to LLM, Master’s, and Certificate Programs

Drexel University has been a pioneer in higher education for 125 years and is a recognized leader in experiential learning. In keeping with that tradition, the Kline School of Law embraces entrepreneurship and innovation, nurturing and supporting faculty and students who expand the boundaries of the law.

We offer a variety of non-JD programs to serve people at different levels of their careers who seek an understanding and knowledge of the law that will help them advance in some of the fast-growing sectors of the economy and job market. Learn more about our Master of Legal Studies, LLM, and certificate programs below.

Master of Legal Studies

Our Master of Legal Studies program gives students an understanding of the legal issues that all businesses and organizations face and the knowledge to help their employers adhere to regulations. With courses offered both online and on campus and the option of taking selected JD courses, our program gives students an opportunity to join an exciting community of faculty and peers who share a passion for a wide range of legal issues.

The Master of Legal Studies is a 30-credit program that may be completed entirely online or supplemented with live courses, either full-time or part-time. It may also be completed full-time on campus. Choose between the flexible MLS or a concentration:

Master of Science in Biomedicine & Law

The Biomedicine and Law program provides interactive and comprehensive training in technical and practical aspects of science and research, as well as in the legal aspects related to new biomedical product development, entrepreneurship, and regulatory compliance. This program is geared to individuals interested in careers focused in technology development.

LLM in American Legal Practice

Distinguish yourself from the competition with Drexel’s LLM in American Legal Practice. Drexel’s LLM is designed to give graduates an edge on the competition, training them in the law, culture, and style of American legal practice. Our unique approach offers LLM students an opportunity to learn from unusually talented faculty with a unique commitment to teaching the distinct skills of American legal practice. The Drexel LLM is more than simply a valuable credential. It prepares students to work with US lawyers and clients from around the world. The LLM is a 24-credit program. Students preparing for a bar exam may be required to complete additional credits, depending on the state.

Drexel’s Kline School of Law stands apart from other law schools by offering small classes and personalized education in a close and supportive community. LLM students can focus on one of four specially designed LLM course tracks or work with faculty to develop an individualized plan of study suited to their own professional goals.

And most importantly, the program gives LLM students an opportunity to gain firsthand legal experience by working side by side with American lawyers. Drexel University is an undisputed national leader in experiential education, and Drexel Law puts hands-on learning at the center of its curriculum through externship, clinical, and community-based programs. Drexel’s Co-op Externship allows students who have a strong facility in English and have demonstrated success in the classroom to work inside major corporations, global law firms, a judicial office, or a government agency, gaining hands-on exposure to the practice of law while receiving one-on-one guidance from accomplished attorneys.

LLM in Health Care and Pharmaceutical Law

The LLM degree in Health Care and Pharmaceutical Compliance is designed for experienced attorneys who seek advanced skills in legal regulatory analysis and policy in the fast-changing health law arena. Year after year, laws and regulations pertaining to health care delivery change and grow more complex, creating tremendous demand for attorneys and compliance professionals with deep knowledge of the industry. Our program provides an immersion in this legal sphere and the skills to create comprehensive compliance programs. This Health Law LLM program is offered part-time, full-time online, and full-time in hybrid format.

LLM in Cyber Law and Data Privacy

The LLM in Cyber Law and Data Privacy enables experienced attorneys to advance their skills in legal regulatory analysis and policy in a critical arena. Cybersecurity and information privacy have become consuming concerns for businesses, academic institutions, and health care providers, as well as consumers. This LLM program is designed to train attorneys who manage the risks faced across diverse industries and sectors, providing a deep dive into the detailed regulations and strategies that business must navigate. Graduates will gain a comprehensive understanding of the ways that new and developing cyber-related regulations affect businesses and industries and develop strategies for reducing legal exposure and liability. This program is offered part-time, full-time online, and full-time in hybrid format.

Philadelphia: No Better Location in the United States

Philadelphia, home to the Drexel University Kline School of Law, is a lively metropolitan area of more than 6 million people with 13,000 lawyers practicing in every sector of the economy. The city is the second largest on the East Coast and has been ranked #1 for culture by Travel + Leisure magazine. The New York Times highlighted Philadelphia as one of the top three “Places to Go in 2015.” Philadelphia is one of the most affordable places to live in the Northeast and yet, because of its central location, it is within a two-hour train ride of New York City and Washington, DC.

Drexel University, located in the heart of Philadelphia’s University City neighborhood, is home to 7,500 international students. The area feels like a small college town, complete with an active intellectual community and vibrant cultural opportunities.

Our Faculty: Teachers, Scholars, Practitioners

Drexel Law faculty are recognized scholars and innovative teachers who have practiced law in domestic and international contexts. Most of our faculty graduated from the most widely recognized American law schools, including Yale, Harvard, Columbia, New York University, Northwestern, Duke, and UCLA. Several practiced as associates and partners in major American and international law firms in New York, Washington, Chicago, Philadelphia, and the Silicon Valley while others are leaders in developing new laws and policies. Most of them served in prestigious clerkships with high-level federal judges. Engaging inside the classroom and accessible outside of the classroom, these professors will provide you with a rigorous introduction to principles of law as well as keen insights about professional practice.

Admission Requirements and Tuition

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