University of Florida, Fredric G. Levin College of Law

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Official Guide to LLM, Master’s, and Certificate Programs

LLM Programs

Programs require 26 credit hours, including a faculty-supervised research paper.

LLM | Taxation

  • Designed for US law graduates pursuing tax law careers
  • Known for faculty devoted to elite education and scholarship

LLM | International Tax

  • Designed for international and US law graduates pursuing international tax law careers
  • Diverse tax curriculum taught by full-time faculty, including renowned tax scholars
  • Required: 13 or more credit hours of international tax courses

LLM | US Law (Comparative Law)

  • Designed for international lawyers to enhance their understanding of the US legal system
  • Introduction to the legal system, legal writing, and developing a research paper supervised by a faculty member
  • Additional coursework: choose from UF Law’s comprehensive JD curriculum, learning side-by-side with JD students
  • Students from Canada, China, Eastern Europe, France, Israel, Japan, West Africa, the Caribbean, and Latin America are eligible for an in-state tuition rate scholarship for up to nine credits per semester. Additional scholarships are available for highly qualified applicants.
  • Enables international lawyers to satisfy most prerequisites necessary for the bar exam and thus to practice law in California, Texas, or New York

Contact Information

For more information, please contact

Doris Perron, Registrar
320 Holland Hall
Gainesville, FL 32611
Phone: 352.273.0683

Career Development

  • Graduates qualify for positions with elite tax and accounting firms
  • Professional advisers offer assistance with résumés and interviews

Contact Information

309 Village Drive,
Gainesville, FL 32611,
United States
Phone: 352.273.0600