LSAT Task Analysis - Skills Analysis Study

Skills Analysis Study:
LSAT Task Analysis

Top 15 Skills for Law School Assessed by Sections of the LSAT
Type of Task Analytical Reasoning Logical Reasoning Reading Comp. Persuasive Writing
1. Reading critically   yes yes  
2. Applying a statute to new facts   yes yes  
3. Identifying the statute operating in a case   yes yes  
4. Identifying the key facts in a case   yes yes  
5. Inductive reasoning   yes yes  
6. Reading class materials yes yes yes yes
7. Arguing logically and persuasively in writing       yes
8. Organizing evidence into argument   yes yes yes
9. Deductive reasoning yes yes    
10. Writing with good organizational structure       yes
11. Writing concisely and clearly       yes
12. Interpreting statutes in relation to a case   yes yes  
13. Identifying the rule of law   yes yes  
14. Allocating available time to tasks based on priorities yes yes yes yes
15. Identifying the key points in lectures and class discussions   yes yes  


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Our blog post, “Key Skills Needed for Law School, and How They Continue to Shape the LSAT” highlights findings of this study that reveal the increasing importance of critical thinking skills for students’ success in law school. This research is part of LSAC’s ongoing efforts to continually evaluate and improve the LSAT to ensure it remains the best indicator of prospective students’ success in law school. Additionally, LSAC applies feedback from the Skills Analysis Study to guide the development of additional assessment tools for legal education.

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