LSAC Digital Marketing Services

Helping Law Schools Boost Their Recruitment Efforts

LSAC Digital Marketing Services provide law schools an opportunity to efficiently reach a highly qualified, proprietary audience of LSAC account holders and site visitors through high impact, proven media tactics across channels where the audience is engaging with relevant information online.

Whether you are just starting your digital marketing efforts or would like to enhance your current efforts, the LSAC Digital Marketing Services team will work with you to shape an effective and cost-efficient media plan that combines LSAC’s database targeting and digital media expertise to better reach and convert those who have shown an interest in a legal education.

Our Digital Marketing Services approach includes three main steps:

  • Discovery: Our team will meet with you to review your current capabilities, goals, and budget.
  • Media strategy: We will work with our media partner to determine the best media mix based on your goals.
  • Plan delivery: We will deliver a comprehensive media plan that includes:
    • Audience specific targeting by channel, planned impressions, and costs
    • Creative asset needs and specifications, including easy-to-use copy sheets
    • A proposed schedule of check-ins (typically starting weekly, then moving to monthly)

Additional LSAC Digital Marketing Services include:

  • Google Tag Manager implementation and testing
  • Evaluation of current digital marketing efforts and recommendations for improvement
  • Ongoing consulting of digital marketing programs and campaigns

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